Billy Graham Center Museum

As you proceed through this section of the Museum, you can:

Stand behind Billy Graham's traveling pulpit with his sermon notes and Bible. 

Listen to testimonies of people whose lives have been transformed by Jesus as a result of hearing the gospel preached by Billy Graham.

Watch a video with rare footage from Billy's crusade in Los Angeles in 1949, in London in 1954 and in New York in 1957.

See some of the interviews that Billy Graham has given and hear the lighter side of Dr. Graham as you listen to some of his humorous moments.

See and hear through videos some of the great gospel singers who ministered on stage at Crusades, including Ethel Waters and George Beverly Shea.

Visit the interactive computer kiosk, where you can access hundreds of screens of material devoted to specific crusades, people and events. Print out of a sheet on your favorite crusade to take home.