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July 7, 2011

Milliner Joins Art Faculty at Wheaton College

Matthew Milliner

Art historian Matthew Milliner recently joined the Wheaton College faculty as an assistant professor of art.

Milliner, whose academic specialty is Byzantine and medieval art, will be teaching courses on art history, including ancient, Byzantine and medieval, renaissance, baroque, and modern and contemporary art. He attended Princeton Theological Seminary and Princeton University after graduating from Wheaton College in 1998.

“I began my undergraduate studies at Wheaton College as a studio art major, but was drawn into the discipline of art history by the dynamic teaching of John Walford,” Milliner says. “I am delighted to return to Wheaton to share the fruits of the wonderful education I have received with a new generation of Wheaton students. One of the things I love most about the Wheaton College Art Department is that I will be surrounded by studio artists, keeping my explorations in the history of art grounded in the actual practice of the making of it.”

Milliner’s current research centers on the visual theology of the Virgin of the Passion. He has published in a variety of academic and popular venues, including the Princeton University Library Chronicle, Theology Today, First Things and the Huffington Post.

He brings an interdisciplinary perspective to his teaching, research, and writing. “My aim is to facilitate an exciting convergence between the disciplines of theology, philosophy, and aesthetics by viewing art history theologically, in a way that does not reduce images to words, but allows them to function as parallel witnesses to faith,” Milliner says.

“Professor Milliner is a brilliant scholar who brings a superb theological perspective to his understanding of art,” says Wheaton College Provost Stanton Jones. “I’m confident that he will have a wonderful impact on the lives of our students.”

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