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May 18, 2012

Wheaton Congratulates Newly Tenured and Promoted Faculty

Twenty members of the Wheaton College faculty were recently promoted or received tenure.

"Each year, the faculty, administration, and Board of Trustees is pleased to affirm the developing and considerable gifts of a number of faculty colleagues by the awarding of tenure at Wheaton College. This is the result of rigorous evaluation of the strengths of each faculty member as a teacher, spiritual model and mentor, scholar, and institutional contributor,” says Dr. Stanton Jones, Wheaton College Provost.

“The awarding of tenure signifies the institution's hope that the faculty member will serve with us for the long term, and moves them from an annual probationary status to that of a permanent appointment. This is a considerable affirmation of their gifts and contribution to our students and to the overall mission of the College."

Faculty awarded tenure are:

Dr. Jeffrey Barbeau, Theology.

Dr. Darren Craig, Physics.

Dr. Brett Foster, English.

Dr. Christine Gardner, Communication.

Mr. David Hooker, Art.

Dr. Beth Felker Jones, Theology.

Dr. Stephen Lovett, Mathematics.

Dr. Richard Richardson, Evangelism.

Dr. Noah Toly ’99, Urban Studies and Politics & International Relations.

Dr. Timothy Yontz, Music Education.

Promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor and awarded tenure are:

Dr. Kelly Flanagan, Psychology.

Dr. Emily Langan ’94, Communication.

Promoted from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor is:

Mr. David Malone, M.A. ’92, Library Science.

Promoted from Associate Professor to Professor are:

Dr. Daniel Burden, Chemistry.

Dr. Sally Schwer Canning, Psychology.

Dr. Lynn Cohick, New Testament.

Dr. Lynn Cooper, M.A. ’74, Communication.

Dr. L. Kristen Page, Biology.

Dr. Daniel Treier, Theology.

Dr. Peter Walters, Applied Health Science.

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