Health Requirements and Health Report


You will be informed of any health and immigration requirements when you apply for your visa. Wheaton College further requires, as a condition of enrollment, that all students have a Medical History and Health Evaluation Form completed by a physician and submitted to the College Health Service. You must comply with certain immunization requirements. If you do not do this before leaving home, you must be examined by a physician at your own expense after you arrive.

Medical care in the U.S. is very expensive. There is no national medical or health care service to help defray the high costs of medical treatment. A visit to the hospital emergency room can cost thousands of dollars. A visit to the doctor's office is usually over $100. Health insurance is purchased to provide partial assistance in paying for medical care, but it usually does not cover all expenses. Although health insurance may seem to be an additional, unnecessary expense, the following sample of various doctor and hospital expenses should help to convince you otherwise.

Physician charges:

  • Initial visit to physician's office $25-50
  • Additional visits for same illness $15-25 for each additional visit

Hospital charges:

  • Emergency room/outpatient clinic visit $20-200 depending on seriousness of your case
  • Surgeon's fee/other specialists can be several thousand dollars
  • Daily bed rate:
    • a. semi-private (2 or more persons) $250-350 per day
    • b. private room $375-450 per day
  • 4. Operating room charged for the time you use the room: $150 minimum
  • 5. Anesthesia charges 30% of the surgeon's fee
  • 6. Maternity and childbirth can be more that $3000

You will also be billed for ancillary charges such as laboratory services, x-rays, blood work, and medications. The costs of a one-week stay in the hospital can therefore run into thousands of dollars.

If you have coverage in your home country, it usually does not provide adequate benefits to meet the high costs of medical treatment in the U.S. Therefore, all international students along with their spouse and children who are residing with them in the U.S. are required to purchase the Wheaton College Student Health Insurance Plan.

Student Health Services

The College plan provides benefits for illness, injury and chronic (ongoing) medical conditions that may require treatment by a doctor or hospital. The student is also responsible for paying for a portion of the medical expenses that are not covered by the health insurance. An outline of the Wheaton College Student Health Insurance Plan and the costs of the insurance may be accessed under Student Health Insurance in the Student Health Services website.

All international students and their spouses may use the Wheaton College Health Center for medical treatment that is less expensive than going to an off-campus clinic. The Health Center is not able to treat children, but you may contact them for referrals to an off-campus physician in the area. Health Center nurses are available for consultation at no charge. There is a charge if testing is necessary and for medications that may be given. The Health Center also has physicians available in the clinic by appointment only. There is a fee to see a Health Center physician, and additional charges may apply if testing or medication is necessary. Doctors are only available for appointments during the school term. There are no doctors in the clinic during holidays or the summer months.

Visit Student Health Services.

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