Telephone Information

Phone Locations

Campus phones are installed permanently in all student houses. Apartment residents can request a phone for their apartment by contacting IT Services.

Calling from Campus Phones

If you are using a campus phone to dial a Wheaton College number, just dial the phone’s four-digit extension. All Wheaton College phone numbers are in this format: (630) 752-xxxx.

If you are calling an off-campus number, please dial 1+area code+number. Calls to all Chicagoland area codes are free. To call a long-distance number, you will need to purchase a calling card. Calling cards are available at local grocery stores or online. (Note: incoming calls from long-distance numbers are supported.)

International Calls: International calling is not supported on phones in student houses or apartments. (We suggest using Skype or purchasing your own MagicJack or similar device.)

College Post Office

Each student is allocated a College Post Office Box (CPO). Students are required to check their mail at least once a week. All student addresses must show box number and name. Graduate students are assigned box numbers and issued a combination at the mail room in the Commons of the Graduate School, 2nd floor Billy Graham Center.

When students leave for a period of three weeks or more, a forwarding address form must be completed. Students are responsible for change of address for magazines, newspapers, and bulk mail. Only first class mail is forwarded.


The Main Campus Post Office is located on the lower level in the Beamer Center. It provides mail and window service similar to the local post office except the insuring of mail. UPS packages can also be processed and shipped from the Main CPO window. No CODs are accepted.

If medicine is being sent to you that must be refrigerated, please have it sent during the week, NOT the weekend, and include on the package, in large letters, "REFRIGERATE." We cannot be responsible for weekend deliveries.

CPO window hours >

Calculate postal rates at the United States Postal Service website >>

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