Student Accounts FAQ


When are bills due for the semester?

Semester bills are due in full on the first Wednesday of classes. This does not include those who are participating in a payment plan.

Can I pay my bill with a credit or debit card?

In July 2016, Student Accounts will have a new online payment and bill center.   Payments of credit and debit card can be paid online.  Please note:  There is a non-refundable service charge per credit card transaction.  The current charge is 2.75% of the payment amount. 

Where do my bills get sent?

Starting July 2016, bills and statements will no longer be sent in the mail, instead bills and statements will be available online for viewing.  In order for parents to receive the bill via an email, the student must to have make the parent an authorized user.  Information about this process will be forthcoming.

How do I make changes to schedule, housing, meals, or insurance?

All changes must be made through the respective office. Failure to contact the appropriate department directly may prevent any desired changes from occurring.

Can I see my student account balance online?

You can access your account through BannerWeb. In addition, starting in July 2016, you will be able to see your balance with our new online bill and payment center.

What happens if I don't pay my account on time?

A one-time $75 penalty will be charged if the account balance is not received by the first Wednesday of the current semester. Late fees of 1.5% will then be assessed on any past-due balances. In addition, students with unpaid accounts are not permitted to re-enroll or receive diplomas or transcripts.

Participants on a payment plan are exempt from late charges on current budgeted amounts. Unbudgeted items may be subject to late charges.

Does Wheaton have payment plan options?

Yes, please see the Payment Plan Program page, or contact (630)752-5804 for more information.

Can I appeal a late payment fee?

Yes, you can. All appeals must be submitted in writing to either the Student Accounts Office or Please be sure to include the student ID# in the appeal.

Can I charge books to my student account?

Only students with a credit balance on their student account may request a bookstore voucher.

How do I withdraw a credit balance from my student account?

You must come into the Student Accounts Office and fill out a withdrawal form. There is a cash limit of $150 per day. Larger withdrawals will be done as a check.

Does the Student Accounts Office cash checks?

Starting July 2016, cashing checks will no longer be available.   

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