Opus: The Art of Work

Opus exists to help Wheaton College prepare its students for life-long work that honors God and fosters human flourishing. Through curricular enhancements, staff and faculty development, direct-to-student programming, and speakers, Opus provides resources on vocational discernment, institutional & civic responsibility, and redemptive imagination for the workplace and the world.


While today, “opus” usually describes a substantial piece of music composed by a master, the word comes from the Latin term for “work.” It can also be used to describe works of literature, theater and other arts. “Magnum opus” refers to the most important achievement of an artist’s or scholar’s career. These ideas suggest a way of approaching daily work, whatever it happens to be, as an opportunity to put faith into practice, pointing to the fact that we are stewards of God’s flourishing creation – thus, the art of work.

Opus helps Wheaton faculty and staff give our students

  • a strong theological framework for understanding vocation,
  • a faith-informed process for vocational discernment, and
  • a vision for Christian integrity, servant leadership, and human flourishing wherever they work - from marketplace enterprises to non-profits to the family.


Opus: The Art of Work

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