Keep Informed

Wheaton parents typically want to know more than just what's going on. They also want to listen in on the kinds of conversations happening at a Christian liberal arts college like Wheaton.


  • ePartnerships is our regular newsletter for parents.  As a parent, you'll automatically receive an email letting you know when the most recent issue is published, and you can also read ePartnerships online anytime.
  • The Record is our student newspaper -- news and commentary in our students' voice! Read this week's headlines on-line.
  • WETN, our campus radio station, has downloadable audio and video files of chapels, conferences, musical performances and more. Visit WETN to see and hear more.
  • Wheaton is on iTunes University.  In addition to WETN, Wheaton College is proud to present select lectures, chapel services, and other events via iTunes University. Files are either audio or video depending on the available recording method. All files on Wheaton's iTunes U page are free to download and use, but may not be redistributed without consent of the College.
  • Books we're reading.  Several on the Parent Relations staff have enjoyed Liberal Arts for the Christian Life, a compilation of essays contributed by Wheaton faculty members across a wide range of disciplines. This is a great book for parents who wish to learn more about the theological basis of a Christian liberal arts education and its capacity to shape the habits and virtues of a student's life. 
  • Wheaton Magazine tells the stories of our alumni around the world. Past issues can be browsed online.
  • Wheaton History.  Are you curious to learn more about the stories behind Blanchard Hall, our founding president Jonathan Blanchard, or the Billy Graham Center?  You might enjoy a timeline of Wheaton's history.
  • Calendar of Events. Wondering about the dates for spring break or when Homecoming is this year?  These and other schedules can be found on the Calendar of Events.