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July-August 2014


From the President

Dear Parents,

At Wheaton we are getting ready for the arrival of new and returning students. The summer months afford an important time toPhilip Ryken, President of Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL gain perspective on the year past and prepare for a new year of learning and living in a Christ-centered community. We look forward to welcoming new students at Orientation activities beginning on August 21.

This summer Lisa and I, with our five children—including Josh, now a Wheaton senior, and Kirsten, an incoming freshman—joined a Geology class from the Wheaton College Science Station (South Dakota) on their western field expedition. We headed into Yellowstone National Park with eighteen students and two faculty members for four days and nights, camping out in God’s spectacular creation. The experience included all the hallmarks of a Wheaton education: rigorous instruction on complex principles, opportunities for practical application, and close mentoring infused with reverence for the Creator.

It was a dynamic experience for our family, reflecting the kind of whole life-education your student will enjoy in the coming year at Wheaton College.

In Christ’s service,

Philip G. Ryken


Welcome New Parents!

The Parent Relations office at Wheaton College looks forward to welcoming you and your student to campus this August.Escobar and Ruiz  By now you should have received a packet in the mail with helpful information about New Parent Orientation, August 21-23.  You can also visit the New Student Orientation and Parent Orientation websites to preview a schedule of events and find tips for assisting your student's move to Wheaton. 

Please remember to file your parent or guardian contact information at alumni.wheaton.edu/newparent.

All through the year, the Parent Relations office is here to support you as you get to know Wheaton's campus and launch your son or daughter into student life.  This newsletter is just one of many resources you'll find at wheaton.edu/parents.

Family Weekend is November 7-8.  Many parents comment that they love Family Weekend for the chance it gives them to meet their student's friends and to experience a taste of his or her full and creative life at Wheaton.  Visit our Family Weekend webpage for a look back at Family Weekend 2013 and for the schedule, coming soon, for Family Weekend 2014.


Residence Life: Move-in dates for returning students

Returning students are invited to move back in to campus housing beginning at 2pm on Sunday, August 24, and continuing through Tuesday,student moving August 26.  The meal plan for students who return on Sunday, August 24, will begin with breakfast on Monday morning, August 25. 

Consideration for early arrival housing, without charge, is given only to those continuing students who are sponsored by a faculty or staff member as a required participant in activities which necessitate being on campus prior to Sunday, August 24. Examples of this are fall athletes, student teachers, on-campus employees, and members of student leadership teams. All other early arrival requests will be subject to denial or a nightly charge.  Approval will be considered, with a nightly charge, for students meeting these criteria:

  • Students arriving early to begin a for-credit internship
  • Upperclassmen siblings of new students (fee waived)
  • Siblings of sponsored students who are traveling together (fee waived)
  • International travel and travel by car beyond two states away
  • Hardships

Students must submit requests through this online application.  Questions may be directed to residence.life@wheaton.edu.


Student Health Services

College is an exciting time, providing a great opportunity for learning and growth. Student Health Services (SHS) wouldstudent health like to assist students to utilize this opportunity to the fullest.

SHS is a fully equipped medical office that active students and their spouses are welcome to utilize regardless of the type of health insurance they have. SHS is staffed with five board-certified physicians who are alumni of Wheaton College and two nurse practitioners. The nursing staff is experienced in college health. Students are welcome to stop in to speak with a nurse about their medical questions or to be assessed free of charge. Our hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am-5:00pm, and Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm. Beginning September 14th, SHS clinic hours on Thursday will be 11:30am-7pm.

Our services include: physician appointments (copay $25.00); in-house or outsourced laboratory services (such as rapid strep or mono tests), observation rooms, completion of small office procedures such as wart removal; massage therapy; an International Travel Clinic; vaccinations; pharmacy; and a free medical shuttle. SHS also provides health preventive and promotional activities throughout the year, such as a “Destress Fest” in February and flu vaccination clinics in advance of the flu season. 

All services that have fees are billed to the student’s account. Your student will be sent a statement in their mailbox that they can then send to the insurance company for possible reimbursement. SHS does not bill insurance companies directly at this time.

For more information about our services visit our SHS website or contact us at 630-752-5072 or Health.Services@wheaton.edu.


Student Health Insurance: Important information

Wheaton College requires all students to show proof of health insurance. All degree-seeking students are automaticallyhealth insurance billed for this insurance on their student account. Students who have comparable coverage as outlined on the student health insurance website must waive out of student insurance in order to be exempted from the insurance charge. The deadline for waiving out of the plan or actively enrolling in the plan is September 11, 2014.  The waiver process is online only, and insurance cards should not be sent to Wheaton.  After September 11, 2014, insurance billing refunds cannot be issued. 

Gallagher Student Health is the broker company that manages the waiver site and also the insurance product. They are well-known among the student health insurance community. If you have a student health insurance question or any waiver concerns, you can contact Gallagher Student Health at 1-855-275-3700 or WheatonILStudent@gallagherstudent.com. Wheaton College does not manage the health insurance waiver site.

The Gallagher Student Health plan encompasses preventive services such as physicals, prescriptions, and vaccinations. Within this plan, Student Health Services (SHS) is considered an in-network or preferred provider. SHS provides services to students and their spouses regardless of the health insurance they carry. Students can view the new plan and waiver at the Gallagher Student website.


Wheaton Bookstore

Beginning July 28, returning students can click on wheatonbooks.com to purchase their textbooks for fall semester. Our online ordering service offers these advantages:

  • Expanded textbook rental offerings directly from the Bookstore.
  • The chance to compare Wheaton Bookstore prices with the prices of other popular online stores. Our website will link students directly to the title at a third-party site if they decide to purchase their textbook elsewhere.
  • The ability for students to use any Financial Aid credit balance they might have to pay for part or all of their order.
  • A packaged textbook order ready for pick-up when your student arrives on campus.

The Wheaton Bookstore also offers competitive pricing on computer software and accessories, printer paper, and "residence hall approved" materials for hanging posters and other wall items in the residence halls. 

All proceeds from the Wheaton Bookstore go to support the operations, facilities, and programs at Wheaton College.



2014-15 Season Passes are available for purchase and are good for admission for the whole family.  Passes can be used at most home athletics events during the regular season. To purchase yours, visit the ticket and season pass website.

The 2014-15 Thunder Athletics season starts on Aug. 29 with several fall seasons beginning action. The Wheaton football team opens its season on Sept. 6 at home against Coe College. Wheaton is ranked 24th in the D3football.com Preseason Top-25 Poll.

For up-to-date news and results on Wheaton’s varsity teams, visit the Wheaton Athletics Website (athletics.wheaton.edu.)  You can also follow Thunder Athletics on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for our text-message service that will send scores and results directly to your phone; fans can also sign up for our weekly athletics newsletter.

For more information on Wheaton’s 10 club sports please visit the club sports website.  


Wheaton Grad School's Accelerated M.A. Program 

For many students, the start of a new school year prompts thoughts about cost-saving education options for thegrad school future.  Wheaton Graduate School's accelerated M.A. program, begun during your student's senior year and completed in just two additional semesters, can save your student up to $11,800 in graduate tuition costs. Students can earn a master's degree in one of many programs offered in Biblical and Theological Studies, Christian Formation & Ministry, Intercultural Studies, Evangelism & Leadership, and the Teaching departments at Wheaton College Graduate School. Plus, it’s easy for them to get started with no GRE or MAT exam, no application fee, no advanced deposit, and a streamlined application. 

Consider discussing with your student this great opportunity to be better prepared and more competitive in the job market.  Students can schedule a graduate school visit by contacting graduate.admissions@wheaton.edu.


The Wheaton Fund: A Quiz

Question: When parents, alumni, and friends give to the Wheaton Fund, their gifts go toward which of these campusImage of the Week needs:

A). Paying faculty salaries
B). Offering financial aid to students from all walks of life
C). Supporting mission-driven student outreach programs
D). Developing Christian faith, character, and leadership through competitive sports programs
E). Providing library learning and technological resources
F). All of the above

Answer: If you chose letter F, you are correct!

Wheaton family members invest directly in students through their gifts to the Wheaton Fund. You can make a gift to the Wheaton Fund today, and hear directly from students as to why the Wheaton Fund is important to them. 


How can you pray for Wheaton this month?

  • Pray for our new students preparing for life at Wheaton. Pray for the 250+ students who will begin WheatonImage of the Week Passage between August 6-13. Pray for our international students, that they will quickly meet new friends who connect with their experience. Pray for all of our student leaders including Residence Life Staff, Student Orientation Committee, Student Athletes, and Student Government as they prepare for their role in welcoming new students.
  • Pray for our new faculty and staff who are moving, some with their families, to Wheaton. Pray that they will be able to settle smoothly into their new home and teaching position.
  • Pray for our families who enter this school year feeling financially challenged or burdened by concerns of health or relationship. We are mindful of the personal story each of our students brings to campus, and lift these needs to Christ.


We look forward to seeing you soon!

The Wheaton College Parent Relations teamWestgate

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