From the President


Dear Parents,

As you prepare for a new school year at Wheaton, we are getting ready all over campus to welcome you back, or for the first time.  We look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks. 

Two years ago, in response to “The President’s Green Paper on the Mission, Context, and Direction of Wheaton College,” members of our community raised some good questions about the mission statement we crafted forty years ago. So the Trustees appointed a task force to review and possibly revise our mission statement, in consultation with the wider college community.

In May the Trustees approved a modest revision of the earlier statement that renews Wheaton’s commitment to Christ-centered liberal arts education and clarifies the service we hope to offer in the kingdom of God.  My prayer is that Wheaton will remain faithful to our God-given mission:

Wheaton College serves Jesus Christ and advances His Kingdom
through excellence in liberal arts and graduate programs
that educate the whole person
to build the church and benefit society worldwide.

In Christ's Service,

Philip G. Ryken


Welcome New Parents!

The Parent Relations office at Wheaton College looks forward to welcoming you and your student to campus in just under threeBlanchardweeks!  One of our annual highlights at Parent Orientation is hearing the enthusiasm of parents who are anticipating the experience their student is about to enjoy in a Christ-centered, globally-minded, academic community like Wheaton.  You can visit our New Student Orientation and Parent Orientation web pages for a full listing of Orientation weekend schedules along with some helpful tips as you prepare for your student’s move to Wheaton.

All through the year, the Parent Relations office is here to support you as you get to know Wheaton's campus and acclimate to your student's new stage of life.  This newsletter is one resource designed to keep you informed about news and events at Wheaton. On our Parent Relations website you'll find more helpful links to campus departments and an introduction to our 2013 Parent Council, a volunteer group of Wheaton parents who are on hand to offer encouragement and advice based on their own experience as parents of Wheaton students.

In case you're wondering about upcoming dates when you can visit your student again, how about Family Weekend 2013 on November 8-9?  Many parents comment that they love Family Weekend for the chance it gives them to meet their student's friends and to experience a taste of his or her full and creative life at Wheaton.  Visit our Family Weekend webpage for a look back at Family Weekend 2012 and for the schedule, coming soon, for Family Weekend 2013.


Wheaton Passage draws record number of students

Wheaton Passage is an adventure-based orientation program for Wheaton College incoming first-year and transfer students. A men's group on a wilderness trip for Wheaton Passage. Formerly known as Vanguards and later High Road, the program was started at HoneyRock in 1961 and is one of the oldest and largest programs in the United States. 

This year the Passage program has attracted the greatest number of incoming students ever, with 261 students and 34 faculty participating in either the Wilderness Track, Camp Track, or Urban track. Parents of students who are participating in Passage will be able to welcome their student back here on campus on Thursday, August 22.  To learn more about Passage and other year-round learning and leadership experiences at Wheaton's Northwoods Campus at HoneyRock camp, visit


Residence Life: returning student check-in information

Here is some information you'll need to know about the dates your returning student is eligible to check back in to Willistoncampus housing. 

Campus housing opens to new students only on Friday, August 23, between 9am-4pm. Continuing students are invited to return to campus on Sunday, August 25, beginning at 2pm, through Tuesday, August 27.  Only continuing students who are sponsored by a faculty or staff member as a required participant in activities which necessitate being on campus prior to Sunday, August 25, will be considered for complimentary early arrival housing. Examples of this are fall athletes, student teachers, on-campus employees, and members of student leadership teams. All other early arrival requests will be subject to denial or a nightly charge. Approval will not be granted for students transitioning from off-campus leases, students with off-campus employment, and those traveling by car within two states away.

Approval will be considered, with a nightly charge, for students meeting these criteria:

  • Students arriving early to begin a for-credit internship
  • Upperclassmen siblings of new students (fee waived)
  • Siblings of sponsored students who are traveling together (fee waived)
  • International travel and travel by car beyond two states away

Students must submit requests through the online application found at the Residence Life website and questions may be directed to


Student Health Services: health insurance guidelines and health services we provide

College is an exciting time, filled with opportunity for learning and growth.  Student Health Services (SHS) would like to assist studentsStudent Health Services to utilize this opportunity to the fullest. 

Student Health Insurance: Wheaton College requires all students to show proof of health insurance. Degree-seeking students have been automatically billed for this insurance on their student account.  If your student has comparable insurance coverage as outlined on the student health insurance website, then he or she must waive out of the automatic Student Health Insurance plan.  The deadline for students to waive out of the Student Health Insurance  plan or to actively enroll in it is September 13.  The waiver process is only online.  Please do not sent insurance cards by mail to Wheaton College. There are no refunds to student accounts after the September 13 deadline date. 

Student Health Services (SHS) is a fully equipped medical office that active students and their spouses are welcome to utilize regardless of the type of health insurance they have.  SHS is staffed with five board certified physicians who are alumni of Wheaton College and one nurse practitioner.  The nursing staff is experienced in college health.  Students are welcome to stop in to speak with a nurse about their medical questions or to be assessed free of charge.  Our hours are Monday through Friday 7:30am-5:00pm; Saturday 10:00am-12:00pm.

Our services include: physician appointments (cost $25.00); in-house or outsourced laboratory services (rapid strep or mono tests for example); observation rooms; completion of small office procedures such as wart removal; massage therapy; an International Travel Clinic; vaccinations; a pharmacy; and a free medical shuttle.

When students visit Student Health Services, any fee-based services they receive will be billed to their student account.  The student will then be sent a statement in their mailbox that they can send to the insurance company for possible reimbursement.  SHS does not bill insurance companies directly at this time.

For more information about our services visit our website, shoot us an email, or phone us at 630-752-5072.  We look forward to meeting many of you in person at our Welcome Table in the lower Beamer Center during New Parent Orientation.


Student Accounts: information about paying semester invoices and viewing account balances

Greetings from the Student Accounts Office!  We understand that you are inundated with information at this time of year but we thought some information from our office would be helpful.  For your planning purposes, semester invoices are due the first Wednesday of the term, which this fall is August 28th.  Payment may be made by check, cash or wire. We do not accept credit cards or on-line payments at this time. You may call the Student Accounts Office at 630-752-5801 if you need wire information.  For those who would like to spread out payments over the course of the year or semester, payment plans are available and you may find them on our Student Accounts installment plan webpage

Semester invoices are sent to the student’s permanent home mailing address; however, students' monthly account balance statements will default to their CPO box each month unless an alternate address is requested by the student. Monthly statements delineate all financial transactions which occur during the month, much like a credit card statement, and you may feel it necessary to see these transactions.  In that case, you may want to have the monthly statement address changed. Forms to change the address will be enclosed with the first monthly statement sent in September to your student’s CPO box.  Beyond September, your student can fill out a change at any time.  You can also view your student’s account on BannerWeb provided you have the password from your student.

As a courtesy, we cash checks for students up to $150 a day, provided the student presents a current student ID.  We accept out-of-state checks as well as local checks.  There is an ATM on campus in the lower Beamer Center and there are a number of banks close by, including Chase, if you would like your student to set up a local checking account.

Finally, we are happy to answer any questions that you may have, but we request that you have your student’s ID number available when you call.  Additional information is also available at our Student Accounts website if you have further questions. We trust your student will have a great experience here at Wheaton College and we will look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.


Wheaton Bookstore: helping your student get the right books at the best price

Your student can now place their textbook orders for fall classes. Textbook orders will be processed, packaged and ready for your student when they arrive on campus. In addition to offering a large number of money-saving used books, we have also expanded our money-saving textbook rental offerings.  When students access, via our website, the list of books for their specific classes, they’ll have the option of renting many of their books, especially the higher priced ones.  Our rental offerings come directly from the Bookstore (listed under the new/used prices). When students rent their books from us, they’ll be able to easily return them to the Bookstore at the end of the semester.

We continue to offer comparison pricing on our web site. Via the "Compare Prices" feature, students can evaluate prices among vendors such as and AbeBooks in order to find the best price.  Please note a few things when ordering from these outside vendors:

    • Time needs to be allowed to receive these orders, whereas books ordered directly from Wheaton College Bookstore will be ready and waiting for students when they return to campus. 
    • Follow-up is necessary on book orders placed at outside vendors, whereas books listed on the Wheaton College Bookstore website are guaranteed to be fulfilled on time when students arrive on campus. 
    • The Wheaton College Bookstore is responsible only for items purchased within the Wheaton shopping cart. Since texbook editions change all the time, the Bookstore works closely with faculty members to ensure the correct edition of all books is ordered for our students.

Will your student be using Financial Aid or a Wheaton Campus Store gift card to purchase his or her texbooks? If so, we recommend that he or she not use EasyBook Compare, but purchase exclusively from  Financial Aid students are also able to purchase classroom-related materials from the Wheaton College Bookstore if they have a credit balance in their student account.  Your student can email for more information about how this works.

All students can save some room in their luggage by purchasing campus supplies here.  We offer very competitive pricing on ethernet cables, printer paper, Command hooks and more. Our Cstore specializes in “Res Life Approved” dorm goods, health essentials, and all the food & snacks your student will be looking for.  Our Wheaton gear favorites include Camelbaks, lanyards, hoodies and team sport tee shirts.

Stop in to see us!   We look forward to meeting you and introducing you to our part of campus. We are owned and operated by Wheaton College. Proceeds support operations, facilities and programs at Wheaton College.


Arts and Communication Division: exciting projects ahead

The Arts and Communication Division has been humming through the summer.  The Art Department hosted the national Conservatory Departmentconference of the Christians in the Visual Arts organization.  Titled "Just Art," this conference took place June 13-16 and invited participants to to "A Conversation About Making Things and Making Things Right."  

The Conservatory of Music is laying the ground work for a tour of the Concert Choir to Florida in March of 2014. The Men's Glee Club and Jazz Ensembles have both been invited to perform in the annual meeting of the Illinois Music Educators Association in Peoria, Illinois. 

The Communication Department continues to enroll more than 170 majors and supports an active and successful debate The Secret Gardenprogram.  Arena Theater has launched a new special project titled "Shakespeare in the Park," which is a collaborative initiative with the Wheaton Park District.  The bulk of this work will occur in mid-August and will culminate in performances in Wheaton, as well as on the college campus.

The Artist Series is ramping up for the coming season.  Highlights include the Harlem Gospel Choir, the Kremlin Chamber Orchestra, and a collaboration between VocalEssence and the Wheaton College Concert Choir.


Wheaton Athletics: family season passes now on sale

Season Athletics Passes for 2013-14 events are now available for purchase and allow for admission for the whole family.  Passes can be used at most home athletics events during the regular season. Visit the ticket and season pass website.

For up-to-date news and results on Wheaton’s varsity teams, visit the Wheaton Athletics Website (  You can also follow Thunder Athletics on Facebook and Twitter or sign up for our text-message service that will send scores and results directly to your phone.  Fans can also sign up for our weekly athletics newsletter.

For more information on Wheaton’s 10 club sports please visit the club sports website


The Wheaton Fund: year-end report

What is the Wheaton Fund and what does it do for students?  The Wheaton Fund benefits each and every Wheaton student by Solidarity Cabinet 2011-12helping to lower the overall cost of a Wheaton education and serves as the primary vehicle through which the highest priorities of the College are funded.

With the close of our fiscal year on June 30, 2013, we give thanks to God and to you for allowing us to meet our Wheaton Fund goal of $4.7 million. As parents, thank you for helping us accomplish this tremendous goal by faithfully and generously supporting the College through prayer and financial gifts. You make a difference!

On a related note, do you know about the Wheaton Associates program?  Wheaton Associates is a nationwide network of nearly 2,000 Wheaton College alumni, parents, and friends who foster the development and support of Wheaton College students through the Wheaton Fund. To hear a current Wheaton Associate couple share about why they choose to give, visit our website.

Every year, Wheaton Associates commit to the following:

Give a minimum annual gift of $1,000 to the Wheaton Fund.
Pray regularly for the College, its students, faculty, and staff.
Promote the mission of Wheaton College in their communities.
Encourage others to support Wheaton in similar ways.  

We eagerly look forward to beginning this new school year with you. If you have any questions about the Wheaton Fund or Wheaton Associates, please don’t hesitate to contact the Wheaton Associates office at 630-752-5925 or  For more information or to make a Wheaton Fund gift, please visit


How can you pray for Wheaton as we begin a new academic year?

  • Please pray for our new students preparing for life at Wheaton.  Pray for the 261 students who will begin Wheaton Image of the WeekPassage between August 7-14.  Pray for their safety and for meaningful foundations to be laid.  Pray for our international students, that they will find Wheaton's campus to be a hub of many cultures, where diverse tastes and perspectives can find a welcome home.  Pray for all of our student leaders including Residence Life Staff, Student Orientation Committee, Student Athletes, and Student Government.  Pray that their preparation this month will deepen the integration of their body, mind, and soul.
  • Pray for our new faculty and staff who are moving, some with their families, to Wheaton.  Pray that they will be able to settle smoothly into their new home.  Pray for exciting times of creativity and fresh ideas as they set out to create new courses and new connections here at Wheaton. 
  • Pray for our families who enter this school year feeling financially challenged or burdened by concerns of health or relationship.  We are mindful of the personal story every one of our students brings to campus as the backdrop of their faith and learning.  We lift these students and their families to our Lord Christ who is at work in His kingdom.


Wishing you a great summer's end!

The Wheaton College Parent Relations team



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