Cultural Clubs


American Sign Language

To teach American Sign Language and increase awareness of deaf culture.

President: Allison Woodfin
Advisor:  Cindy Clousing

Chinese Culture Club

To showcase and celebrate traditional Chinese culture and educate the campus community about it.

President: Alex Lin
Advisor: Rose Wang

German Club

To promote an awareness and appreciation of the German Culture and language on Wheaton's campus. More >

President: Drew Schultz
Advisor: Grant Henley  

Rice Bowl

To promote and showcase East Asian and Southeast Asian cultures to the greater Wheaton community. More >

President: Daniel Claxton 
Advisor: Rodney Sisco

Sabor Latino Dance Club

Sabor Latino desires to promote awareness of Latin-American culture through dance.  We desire to spread an itnerest in and enthusiasm for Latino dances. More >

President:  Anne Justine Houser
Advisor: AndresVillatoro

Scandinavian Heritage Club

To educate and promote Scandinavian culture in the Wheaton Community. Our objective is to provide a welcoming community which celebrates the history and culture of Scandinavian countries.

President:  Nathaniel Whitfield
Advisor: Tamara Townsend

Shoreshim (Jewish Culture Club)

This club desires to promote and celebrate Jewish culture in the Wheaton community.

President: Stephen Read
Advisor: Andrew Hill

Urban Studies Student Club

We exist to fulfill the purpose of directly engaging the city, facilitating learning experiences, participating in service opportunities, partnering with the Wheaton In Chicago program, and raising the profile of the City on campus.

President: Kelsey Nikcevich
Advisor: Noah Toly

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