Amplify is a co-ed a cappella group of 14 members, founded in 2012 at Wheaton College. The first group of its kind, Amplify has pursued an informal spirit of performance, including vocal improvisation and audience participation, while maintaining musical excellence. Past performances include the Uptown Getdown, hosted by Wheaton in Chicago, and the Motown Revue at Wheaton College.

Amplify explores both contemporary and traditional styles of music interpreted through a cappella singing, and focusing on a theme of unity and togetherness. It culminates the hard work and focus of the group every year at the spring concert. Amplify's year-end concert in 2013 was a campus sensation, drawing more than 300 students and members of the public. Amplify is also involved in the community of Wheaton and the surrounding area through volunteer performance. The members of the group are listed below.

The year-end concert will be held in Pierce Chapel on April 26th, 2014, at 9:30 pm, and will be $3 per ticket. Pierce Chapel is located directly across from Edman Chapel and is adjacent to the Conservatory building on Wheaton College campus. Tickets will be available at the door, or for advance purchase in Lower Beamer during the preceding week. For more information, contact Sarah Macolino.

Auditions are held at the beginning of every fall semester. Audition dates for vocal percussionists and all voice parts will be announced at the beginning of each school year.

Sarah Macolino '15, Soprano
Corinne Elliot '15, Soprano
Amanda Brandimore '14, Mezzo-soprano
Becca Hamilton '16, Mezzo-soprano
Sarah O'Connell '14, Alto
Annie Huddleston '16, Alto
Eugenia Kang '16, Alto
Ryan Lau '15, Tenor
Ben Weidemann '17, Tenor
Silas Helm '17, Tenor
Christian Reed '15, Bass
Aaron Rapp '15, Bass
Robin Kong '17, Bass
Gray Martin '16, Vocal Percussion

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