Kodon is Wheaton College's campus literary journal.  Published biannually, the Kodon features students' fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and art. More >

Editor in Chief: Sheridan Prince
Advisor: Jeff Galbraith, Nicole Mazzarella

Off the Record

Off the Record is a satirical paper that aims to bring joy through humor and to promote 'talk' in the Wheaton College community.

President: Will Eldredge
Advisor: David Fletcher

The Pub

To provide an independent literary journal made by and for Wheaton students. More >

President: Ellen Misloski
Advisor: Alison Gibson

The Tower

The Tower is the Wheaton College yearbook.  Produced each spring, this volume of collected memories provides a window into the stories and experiences of each year. More >

The Wheaton Record

The Wheaton Record is a student publication established in 1876. It is published every Friday except for school breaks and holidays. The Record features articles on campus news, events, culture, and a wide variety of other topics through the voice of student writers. More >

Wheaton College Undergraduate Law Review

To promote the research of important legal issues by Wheaton College students, to create a forum for discussion and thoughtful analysis of such issues, and to assist students in acclimating to the environment of a law review in preparation for law school.

Editor in Chief: Josh Romero
Advisor: Stephen Bretsen

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