Special Interest Clubs


Art Collective

To support and foster participation in art, whether by viewing or creating, through offering open events at minimal costs to the student body.

President: Joshua Mangis & Kate Penkethman
Advisor: Jeremy Botts

Ballroom Dance Club

To communally learn the art of ballroom dancing, the end result being for all members to achieve a basic proficiency in a variety of ballroom dance styles including: waltz, foxtrot, two-step, tango, and quickstep.

President: Daniel Hudson
Advisor: Dan O'Reagan

Board Game Society

To create a place and time of relaxation and destressing for the Wheaton community through board, tabletop, and card games.

President:  Amanda Nansel
Advisor:  Dan O'Reagan

The Catholic Society of St. John Paul

To provide and enhance connections to and within the Catholic student community on campus. 

President: Will Schlueter 
Advisor: Matthew Milliner

Church Unity Club

To advocate for greater unity among Christians from different church traditions and to prepare is members to do this by fostering dialogue with Catholic and Orthodox christians.

President: Angie Hendryx
Advisor: Adam Wood


To show that anime is a medium, not a genre, and to show beauty through these films.

President: Iliana Rivera 

Knights of Thunder Chess Club

To provide a fun and relaxed, yet competitive, avenue for Wheaton students to learn, play, and sharpen their chess skills.

President: Hannah Farell
Advisor: Lynne Morris

Media Club

Infuse Wheaton College culture with a heightened understanding of media, its impact on culture, and its impact on individuals.

President: James Sharpe
Advisor: Read Schuchardt

No Labels

President: Sarah Neubaum
Advisor: Michael McKoy

Starcraft Club

To contribute to the variety of Wheaton student community and to encourage students interested in technology in computing.

President: Timothy Davis
Advisor: Mark Thorne

Student Managed Investment Club

To equip and educate members in the process of managing the group's Fund through immersion in an environment that seeks to replicate that of a professional asset manager.

President: Brandon Newhouse
Advisor: Seth Norton 

Wheaton League

To reach out in the untouched field of gaming and impact lives where God’s love has not yet been spread. It is a gathering place for Wheaton College students interested in League of Legends that are passionate about influencing the gaming community for Christ and His Kingdom.

President: Elias Schomer
Advisor: Dan O'Reagan

Wheaton College Tolkien Society

To bring together Wheaton College faculty, staff, and students to enjoy, discuss, and have activities relating to the life and works of J.R.R. Tolkien. More >

President:  Taylor Schaible
Staff Advisor: Laura Schmidt

Wheaton College Swing Dance Club

To foster community and a love of swing dancing through lessons and dancing.

President: Emily Lengel
Advisor: Dan O'Reagan 

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