"Sub-Creation" is an online literary journal devoted to promoting genre fiction. Once a semester, we publish art, essays, and stories authored by the Wheaton College community. We believe that no story should be disqualified from serious literary attention simply because it deals with elves, space ships, whodunits, superheroes, or the like.


Who we are

We are a group from within the Wheaton College Tolkien Society and borrow the journal's name from Tolkien's famous essay "On Fairy-Stories." Humanity was made in the image of a Creator God, and because of this we all have a longing to create. This creation under the auspices of the Creator, i.e. "sub-creation," might come as a painting, a building, or as an entire world created with the written word. This is what we want to encourage within the Wheaton College community: Use your God-given creativity to create with words, mirroring God's creation with the Word; not presuming God's true creative power, but imitating it with humility as children imitating their Father.

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2016-2017 Issue

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Curious about who writes for Sub-Creation? Hear from Anna Jakubiec, one of the authors in our community, in this interview.

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