College Union

We exist to create fun and meaningful community-building activities that bring together a variety of students to share in a common experience of building friendships and deepening fellowship.


What We Do

College Union is responsible for large event programming that reaches across campus with the goal of bringing together the student body to grow in their friendships, to play, and to strengthen our connection within our community. It is our belief that God desires for us to be a community that comes together to work hard but also one that comes together to relax and to connect with each other. Our large campus-wide events provide opportunities to make new friends while also making new memories with your life-long friends.

During the year, College Union plans the Talent Show, on-campus dances, Air Jam, Class Films, Roller Disco, and concerts with contemporary and indie-based artists. On a weekly basis, CU also coordinates coffeehouse concerts known as LIVE! @ The Stupe as well as weekend concerts featuring campus bands. In addition, College Union collaborates with other campus departments to provide programming for Orientation Week, Alumni Weekend, and Family Weekend.

How We Work

As a board of 12 committed leaders, College Union is a group of students that tackle some of the largest events on campus. When selected in April for the upcoming year, these students hardly know one another but through the HoneyRock training along with working together to coordinate events, they form a strong camaraderie and ability to work with one another to produce memorable events.

The board is comprised of 12 positions that are responsible for various areas. These include:  president, business manager, events coordinators (4 position which cover the main events,) concerts manger, collaborative arts, and Beamer Center arts coordinator.

College Union meets every week, and to be honest, no two meetings are quite the same. With the scope of events that we are responsible for, our pace is rapid but so much fun. For our weekly board meeting we try to balance the time to connect with one another and the time for business. Depending on the agenda, many board members will present reports, updates and details regarding upcoming activities and events. In addition to the large campus events, we also have weekly responsibilities for smaller programming within the Beamer Student Center. And of course, there are the spontaneous dinner parties and fun outings!

As a College Union board member, some of the strongest memories you will take with you is from the day of big events. In order to produce these high caliber events, it takes a village. And for College Union that means working directly with campus service providers (Facilities Management, Media Resources, Public Safety, etc…) to ensure that the event goes off without a hitch.

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