College Union


Hannah Swanson

Graduation year:  2016

Hometown:  Macomb, MI

Major: Art

Position on CU: Events Coordinator

Why CU? The mission of College Union is something I strongly support and am honored to be a part of. It is too often that the campus can become overwhelmed with the business of school and schedules and College Union is here to create an outlet and atmosphere that brings joy to the campus.

About Me:  I am from a family of 5 and have lived on both ends of Michigan, but mainly on the east side about 45 minutes outside of Detroit. I have an older sister, Sarah, who is a senior at Wheaton and a younger brother Colin. I am very open to what the Lord has for me after my time at Wheaton but hope to go into Art - whether it be photography, graphic design, or both! If we’re dreaming big, I’d love to open my own papery.

What’s your favorite place on campus to connect with friends? Late night Saga or walks around campus.

If you had to perform in the Talent Show what would your act be and who would be in it?  I would have a choreographed dance to a medley of 90’s pop music with my friends. Boy bands, am I right?

Favorite CU event and why? I’d have to say Roller Disco. It’s an event that everyone comes together solely to dress crazy, dance, skate, and have fun with their friends.

How has the community at Wheaton impacted you? The Wheaton Community is a community that offers so much. In my life this community has offered challenges, growth, love, laughter and pure joy. I would never trade the experiences and relationships I’ve had here.

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