College Union


Taylor Dalton


Graduation year:  2014

Hometown:  Sentani, Papua, Indonesia

Major:  Business/Economics

Position on CU:  Events Coordinator

Why CU?  I chose College Union because I wanted to bring creative and fun experiences to the campus in the form of events like banquets, dances and social events where old friendships grow older and new friendships begin with a spark. 

What’s your favorite place on campus to connect with friends? The library. The more you try and stay quiet, the easier it is to be loud and funny. 

How would you describe the dinner hour in Anderson Commons to someone outside of the Wheaton Community?  Plenty of laughter, numerous saga dates (and “floating” or bringing a root beer-like beverage to the lucky couple), and furthering the sense of a unified campus. Everyone’s gotta eat… let’s catch up at Anderson Commons!

If you had to perform in the Talent Show what would your act be and who would be in it? Performing an original song with my friends who happen to be in a band called Cardinal Harbor… (Check em out!)

Favorite CU event and why? Blacklight Dance – the only thing that matters is that you’re having fun, not how well you can dance.

How has the community at Wheaton impacted you? Community at Wheaton has provided me with a sense of belonging; a sense of understanding. The best communities are the ones who help each other break down the unnecessary barriers hiding who we are. The desire to know “you” and not the person you think I want to know.

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