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Global Learning Opportunities

Wheaton students are engaged and active around the globe. In addition to internationally focused programs through the Office of Christian Outreach and the HNGR office, Wheaton has several student-led global learning opportunities.


Honduras Project

The Honduras Project is a student-led short term missions project that each year raises funds for a gravity-fed water system in a rural village in the mountains of Honduras. Each year since 1982, a team of students has gone down to Honduras for a week of labor, ministry, and cross-cultural sharing.
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Growers First Wheaton

The students of Growers First Wheaton seek to create a student movement around coffee, raising awareness about the coffee trade through creative and engaging means, emphasizing entrepreneurship, ethical consumption, and cross-disciplinary experiences. Started in the Fall of 2010 in partnership with Growers First - an organization that combines good coffee, entrepreneurship, and development work and has several Wheaton alumni on its Board of Directors - a team of students traveled to Honduras to blog and create a documentary about the coffee process, following their coffee from "crop to cup."
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Haiti-Wheaton Partnership

The Haiti-Wheaton Partnership was formed in response to the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti in January of 2010. A team of students raised funds and traveled to Haiti in the Spring of 2011 to explore the possibilities of Wheaton involvement with in-country organizations and ministries. The partnership hopes to continue as the connections made bear fruit and more students become involved with recovery and development work in Haiti.

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