Justice Coalition

We seek to think critically about justice issues from a Christ-centered perspective, to create programs that raise awareness for justice-related issues, and to collaborate with other groups (and member clubs) within the Wheaton College community.


What We Do


In order to foster lives of justice necessitated by our faith in Christ, we seek to establish the Justice Coalition as a centralized resource and advocate for justice-minded student groups, thus initiating long-term culture shift in the Wheaton College community.


Justice Coalition consists of six clubs coordinated by an Executive Cabinet.  Each member club focuses on a particular justice concern, while the Coalition as a whole serves as a coordinating group and resource center.  We seek to facilitate and support the work of our member clubs, providing them with resources and assisting them with collaboration with other student groups, faculty, and administration.  We also seek to encourage and provide resources for students to connect with one of the many opportunities at Wheaton to further justice here and in the world; Finally, we seek to advocate the importance of addressing justice concerns to our administration and faculty and utilize their knowledge and abilities to assist the development of students as agents for justice.

How We Work

The Justice Coalition Executive Cabinet meets weekly, and approximately half of these meetings include representatives from the member clubs; This allows us to facilitate awareness and collaboration among students with diverse but overlapping passions for God's kingdom justice. We also seek to create times of reflection and prayer about justice concerns so that we have a strong foundation in Scripture and community for our actions; Occasionally, we create events for the student body to encourage development as instruments of God's justice both now and in the future.

Justice Coalition 2014-2015

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