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Fidelia Renne - Voice for Life Representative

Fidelia Renne

Graduation year:  2016

Hometown:  Marysville, OH

About Me:  I grew up in the country in Ohio, 45 minutes outside Columbus.  I have three siblings (brother, me, brother, sister).  I have a passion for blue jeans, rugged/meaningful pieces of jewelry, newsboy caps, and Spiderman.  After Wheaton I dream of wearing my shoes out as I wander the world dancing and singing with people of all cultures, ages, and callings, in palaces, on mountain tops, through the streets of big cites, in humble homes, and in back alleys--ultimately barefoot and full of life.

Favorite place you’ve traveled? Strasbourg, France

Favorite Wheaton class: American Politics and Government, with Dr. Aimee Barbeau

Favorite CU or campus event:  I really enjoy whenever all-school communion rolls around.  I love corporate worship with the whole (or a large part of the) student body.  As far as recreational events go, Presidents Ball is pretty sweet.  Actually, dances in general are boss.  Thanks CU.

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? I can think of a very impactful guy friend I met freshman year who has become like a brother to me. But explaining exactly how his life impacted me would be almost impossible to do concisely. Suffice to say, he helped me to see myself in a new way and to rediscover God's beauty in the diversity of human minds and hearts.  It's ok to be super different; in fact, it's beautiful.

What does justice mean to you? One way I could put is simply this:  pursuing God's heart.  To expound on that, usually when we think of justice this looks like pursuing God's heart in matters of how humanity relates to itself.  I believe it also applies to how humanity relates to God and to nature.  At its core, I believe seeking justice is seeking God's heart for "right" relationships.  In a fully restored world, this would look like pure, upright, God-honoring harmony between all aspects of God's creation and between creation and God Himself. In this broken world, it's not a place at which I can arrive, but it is rather a direction in which I am headed.  In other words, justice is what I pursue, and living out this justice in my everyday life is still a work in progress.

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