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Hannah Cagle - International Justice Mission Representative

Hannah Cagle

Graduation year: 2016

Hometown: Longde, NingXia, China/Norman, OK

Major: Anthropology

Why JustCo?  I initially was involved with the IJM club and they asked me to join their cabinet as JustCo rep last year. I chose to be JustCo rep this year because JustCo challenges my worldview every meeting and truly educates me on justice issues that IJM does not cover. Justice is what we're all called to and I want to be a part of something bigger in that.

About Me:  I grew up in Oklahoma until I was 13 and then moved to China and spent high school there. I have 5 younger siblings--twin sisters, a brother, and twin brothers. After Wheaton, I don't necessarily have a plan. The dream would be to move to India and work with a justice organization there, but God's plans do not always match up with mine and His are always higher and greater… so I guess I'll stick with that.

Why Wheaton? In China, a lot of my friends had gone or were going to Wheaton College. I chose Wheaton because I knew I would be given true opportunity and true community here. I actually also chose Wheaton because of the diverse community, especially in the area of Third Culture Kids.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?  Sri Lanka, hands down.

Favorite Wheaton class: Intro to Anthropology with Dr. Folch. Completely changed the way I view people and how the world works.

Favorite CU or campus event:  Roller Disco, man.

What does justice mean to you? Justice to me means what is right. And that's not necessarily in my eyes, but in the eyes of the Creator. Justice is about life. It's about how things should be. My prayer is always, "Father, let my mercy be poured out as I seek your justice." Sometimes justice is just loving people the way Christ calls us to love. I'm learning more about what justice means to me every day and I will continue to pursue that journey.

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