Orientation Committee


Michael Daugherty


Graduation Year: 2015 

Major: Anthropology/Pre-Medicine 

About Me: I grew up in Indiana and yes, cornfields are everywhere in Indiana. My dad is a professor, my mom a reading teacher, and my three siblings are as goofy as I am. I am the first of my family to attend Wheaton: now recruiting my younger brother! Whatever after college, I want to explore God's goodness. 

Why Wheaton? I wanted a place that cared about the type of person I was becoming; a place where I could be challenged academically; a place where others encouraged me to deepen my relationship with God. I remember getting back from Spring Break and opening up my acceptance letter, then telling my mom, "Hey, I'm going to Wheaton." God's assurance has been more than I could ask for or imagine. 

Why OC? After serving on last year’s committee, I fell in love with the freshman class. I want to invite new students to find comfort and identity in the body of Christ at Wheaton. I want to confirm their decision to attend Wheaton, see them experience God’s faithfulness firsthand, and I want to participate in His faithfulness. 

Favorite place on campus? Edman Chapel

Describe Wheaton in three words: FOOD FAITH FELLOWSHIP 

Favorite Wheatonism: Attempting 'Intentional Community' via SAGA: "Let's grab a meal… February 24th at 6:15, does that work for you?" (It being November)

Most memorable experience at Wheaton (or part of a Wheaton program): HoneyRock counselor 

What makes Wheaton unique? The small things… Praying with friends before meals. Floor bathrooms blaring worship music. Professors asking how my week has been. Students excited about chapel. Goofy dancing at CU events. President Ryken being an incredibly wise and faithful leader. The small things where faith plays an active role in student interactions. 

Favorite CU or campus event: Blacklight Dance 

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? My Anthropology professor, Dr. Christine Folch. She was the first professor to truly encourage my writing, while offering ideas to make my writing better. She is absolutely brilliant, although she would never admit it. I get choked up thinking about how she talks about Christ--she idolizes him. For her to analyze Scripture with a critical and cultural perspective and say, "Jesus is compelling. He changed everything. He changed everything, Michael," is probably the most profound thing a professor has told me.

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