Orientation Committee


Mike Shaw


Graduation Year: 2016 

Major: Economics, Political Science Minor 

About Me: I've grown up my whole life in the Minneapolis, MN area.  I am the oldest in my family with two younger sisters and a little brother.  I am the first in my family to go to Wheaton and have been so blessed by the people and community here.  After Wheaton I hope to enter the business field doing some sort of consulting, entrepreneurship, finance etc. 

Why Wheaton? After going through public school, I knew I wanted a school firmly grounded in Christ.  After visiting the campus, the Christ-focused community and learning encouraged me so much that I was sure this was the school for me. 

Why OC? My experience at Wheaton has given so much to me already. I want to try and give back to the school by serving and loving new students. 

Favorite place on campus? Fischer Beach - it's an absolute blast playing volleyball with friends (when it's warm enough) 

Describe Wheaton in three words: Incredible Growing Experience 

Favorite Wheatonism: Any of the acronyms... 

Most memorable experience at Wheaton (or part of a Wheaton program): Iron Sharpens Iron Africa Program 

What makes Wheaton unique? The People 

Favorite CU or campus event: Class Films 

What person at Wheaton has had the greatest impact on you and why? My roommates: through all the ups and downs in my Wheaton experience, they've stuck with me and showed love to me in incredible ways. The growth that we've experienced together is an amazing blessing and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for us!

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