SAO Group Airport Shuttle FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the group airport shuttle process


How long does it take to get to the airports?  If you plan to leave campus 3 hours before your flight leaves, you should arrive with plenty of time to go through security and get to your gate.

Can I change my shuttle times once I’ve made my reservation?  You’ll need to contact the shuttle coordinator or call 630.752.5181 to make any changes to your reservation.  For changes not during office hours, contact the shuttle coordinator directly at 636.226.6674.

Where do I get the shuttle leaving campus? SAGA-O or SAGA Circle

How can I get a refund?  No refunds will be given, so be sure of your flight information when making your shuttle reservation.

What happens if I’m running late to catch my departing shuttle to the airports?  Call someone on your shuttle and let them know.  You will receive a list of names and cell numbers for everyone on your shuttle along with your shuttle boarding pass 24 hours before the Break begins.

What if I miss my shuttle returning to campus?  Once you check into the GO Airport Express kiosk, you will be directed to the next available shuttle.

Where do I find the GO Airport Express ticket counter in the airport?

O’Hare:  Airport Express counters are at Door 1E in Terminal 1 across from baggage claim 6, at Terminal 2 door 2E across from Jet Blue Baggage Claim, Terminal 3 Door 3E across from baggage claim 9 and at Terminal 5, just outside door 5E. 

Midway:  Airport Express ticket counter is located at door 3, lower level, straight across from baggage claim.

Can I pay with cash or check?  Credit is the only method of payment with the online system.

What if I don’t know whether I need a return shuttle until after the reservation deadline?  You may contact the shuttle coordinator to determine if there is any space available. Otherwise, contact GO Airport Express  and reserve a shuttle without the group discounted rate.

When will I receive my boarding pass with confirmation number?  You will receive a copy of your boarding pass via email within 24 hours of your shuttle departure.  You will also receive a copy of your return boarding pass (if purchased) 24 hours before the Break begins.

What if none of the shuttle times work with my flight?  Look over the Airport Transportation Guide for other options or contact a local shuttle company to schedule a non-group shuttle.

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