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Air Jam

What began as a lip-sync competition has evolved into so much more.


The Air Jam tradition dates back to the 80's, where it began as a student lip-sync competition. The event was originally held in the Quad, but in the 90's it moved to the Centennial Gym. Following the renovation of the SRC in 2000, the event lost popularity until the 2006-2007 school year, when it was moved to Coray Gym. In 2009, to accommodate the increased turnout, a second performance was added. The 2011 Air Jam had approximately 1200 people in attendance.

Today, Air Jam acts typically involve more than just lip-syncing. Elaborate choreography, costumes, props, and the occasional gimmick are involved in making the acts as entertaining as possible. College Union sees Air Jam as an opportunity to highlight the campus community that is already in place. Residence halls, student organizations, floors, athletics teams, etc, get together to organize and choreograph acts, and the event has become one of College Union's most popular events.

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