Ultimate House Parties

Each Fall, on-campus houses transform their living spaces for an evening of fun for the entire campus.


The Ultimate House Parties provide an opportunity for on-campus houses to host an event for the larger campus community. For the night of the event, each house that participates creatively transforms its living space into a themed experience. Students roam Wheaton's campus, going from house to house and participating in the parties. Wheaton's on-campus houses have displayed remarkable creativity over the years, creating interactive adventures, haunted mazes, musical experiences, relaxed coffeehouse settings, laser-tag and miniature golf courses, themed parties, and more.

The event began in 2005 as a way for the upperclassmen in on-campus houses to connect with the larger campus community. In addition to providing an evening of fun and excitement, the parties also give underclassmen the opportunity to see Wheaton's many on-campus houses and get a glimpse of the community that exists within them.

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