Wheaton has many unique traditions. Some date back one hundred years and some developed more recently, but they all foster community and provide shared experiences for students, faculty, and staff.


Senior Bench

The Senior BenchThe Senior Bench is one of the oldest and most legendary rivalries in the school's 150 year history.
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Tower Bell

Blanchard TowerFor all Wheaton couples who get that "ring by spring," ringing the Blanchard tower bell is a way to announce it to the world.
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Orientation Song

Orientation SongOrientation is all about welcoming new students to Wheaton. Each year the Orientation Committee is charged to write a song that encourages the freshmen class in some aspect of their faith.
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All-School Communion

All-School CommunionThe student body comes together monthly to worship and celebrate Communion.
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Senior Class Gift

Senior Class GiftGraduating classes have the opportunity to give back and leave a legacy at Wheaton.
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Stertorous "Tor" Thunder

Tor ThunderA descendent of Wheaton's beloved Perry the Mastodon, Tor Thunder is the costumed character mascot of the Wheaton Thunder.
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