All-School Communion

All-School Communion

The student body comes together monthly to worship and celebrate Communion.


The tradition of All School Communion for many years was limited to two times a year - as the culmination of Orientation week on the eve before the beginning of classes, and on the Sunday prior to the start of the Spring Semester.

As the Fall Semester of 2001 began, the idea of having once-a-month All School Worship and Communion services was being considered by the Student Chaplains and the Chapel Worship Team. The tragedy of 9/11 confirmed the need, and plans were set in place to begin having All School Worship and Communion services in Edman Chapel. While worship through music and praise had always been a way of giving back to the Lord, communion was a way of receiving from the Lord in a season of great loss and grief.

In the intervening years since 2001, students have valued the spiritual resource of "All School" (as it has come to be called), and the opportunity to meet with the Lord in the light of His cross, to bring their lives before Him and receive from His table.

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