Stertorous Thunder

Stertorous "Tor" Thunder

A descendant of Wheaton's beloved Perry the Mastodon, Tor Thunder is the costumed character mascot of the Wheaton Thunder.


Intended to boost Wheaton College’s nickname, the Thunder, in the spring of 2011 Student Government, Athletics, Student Development and the College President introduced a costumed character mastodon mascot named Stertorous (a synonym for loud and cacophonous and also meaning heavy snoring) Thunder. The costumed character of a male Mastodon Americanus was chosen as a representation for thunder because of the unusual and significant presence of a precious specimen of an extinct Ice Age mammal – the beloved Perry the Mastodon – excavated in 1963 restored and on display in Wheaton’s Meyer Science Center.

Tor, as students call him, joined the Wheaton community after a long quest exploring the “land of legend, the land where no mastodon had set foot for thousands of years” to search for Perry and the story of his final stand of sacrificial love – an epic defense against a pride of saber-toothed tigers. Upon finding the land of Wheaton, Tor was warmly welcomed by students, faculty and staff, particularly since his “thundering footsteps” roused them to victory in a nail- biting football game. You can read the full story here.

Tor makes appearances throughout the campus in various venues as a good will ambassador.

For more information, call the Student Activities Office at 630.752.5181

Tor Thunder

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