SG Working for You

You may not always see it, but Student Government is constantly working for you. To keep you informed, we'll keep a running list of our proposals, initiatives, and accomplishments here.



  • Art Contest on God’s Beloved Community by Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Forum on Wheaton Confessions Facebook Site
  • Collaborative input on the revision of the College's Mission Statement
  • Collaborative input on the revision of the Community Covenant
  • Established the Racial Diversity Grant Fund
  • Initiated Trayless Tuesday in the Dining Hall
  • Hosted Campus Conversation on Loving Your Neighbor
  • Coordinated Presidential Election Series
  • Brought ZipCar to Wheaton College
  • Convenient access for Off-Campus Students to Dorms and Apartments
  • Academic Grants
  • Dine with a Mind


  • Recreational Engagement with the Arts
  • Revised Dance Policy implementation
  • General Education Revision Task Force
  • Green Paper Dialogue
  • Student Experience Assessment (SEA survey)
  • Diversity Initiative - A Petition for Institutional Change
  • Study Abroad - Student Care and Support
  • Global and Experiential Learning Expo
  • GPS Program (Guiding and Positioning Sophomores) with Career Services
  • Fish Bowl Weekly Updates
  • Alcohol at Wheaton Research Presentation and Dialogue
  • Outstanding First-year Student Award
  • Academic Grants
  • Dine with a Mind
  • Perk with a Prof
  • Sexuality Programming - Is Homophobia a Problem at Wheaton
  • Differential Salary Proposal and Hard to Hire Vote
  • ZipCar program
  • Self-Defense Workshop
  • Community Groups for Special Needs established


  • Costumed Character Mascot
  • Dining Commons Grid System
  • Browsing Book Collection
  • Revised Dance Guidelines
  • Revised Airport Shuttle Service
  • Chick-fil-A Partnership
  • Speak Up Campaign
  • Genesis Grant
  • Global and Experiential Learning Initiative
  • Growers First Advocacy
  • Where's Ryken? Initiative
  • Sexual and Sanctified Series
  • Financial Aid Revisions
  • Haiti Initiative
  • Staff Appreciation Award

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