Who We Are

Student Government is made up of a variety of students in multiple layers of engagement. See how we're structured and who is representing you in 2013-14.


Student Body President and Vice President

Grace Pyo

Grace Pyo


Wyatt Harms

Wyatt Harms

Vice President

Executive Cabinet

Abigail Canfield

EVP of Educational Policies

Morgan Jacob

EVP of College Life

Josh Fort 

EVP of Community Diversity

Joshua Rowley

EVP of Technology and Finance

Aly Vukelich

EVP of Student Care

Anne Justine Houser

EVP of Global Engagement

Administrative Cabinet

Beth Loudon


Katrina Burlet


Michael Paffenroth

Business Manager

Hannah Hamilton

Public Relations Manager

Class Officers

Emma McRoberts

Senior Class President

Cameron Williams

Senior Class Vice President

Kyla Rhoads

Junior Class President

Zachary Kahler

Junior Class Vice President

Corbin Schultz

Sophomore Class President

Alexandria Kuo

Sophomore Class Vice President

Lincoln Carper

Freshman Class President

Brielle Lisa

Freshman Class Vice President

Class Councils 2014-2015


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