Student Government


Josh Fort

Graduation year: 2016

Hometown:  Detroit, MI

Major: Interpersonal Communication

Position on SG:  EVP of Community Diversity

About Me:  I’m the fourth of five kids born to two amazing parents that I have an immense amount of respect for. I am also the fourth of the five kids in my family to attend Wheaton College (along with two god-brothers, one god-sister, and a cousin) which makes me part of a pretty large First Generation Wheaton Student Family Network (we haven’t incorporated yet.).

Why Wheaton? I know that the answer gets old at times, but I came to Wheaton because God called me here. Following an event on campus referred to as “Chapel Tweets”, I had a clearer sense of purpose as to how I could impact the campus as a student here. Going to a college where I could not only be positively impacted but also have a positive impact on the campus was important to me. So once I realized that Wheaton (like every school) was an imperfect place with unique, incredible, yet broken individuals, it increased Wheaton’s already impressive appeal. There’s a lot Wheaton has to offer in its academic rigor, brilliant professors, and gorgeous campus -- but recognizing the schools imperfections sealed the deal for me!

When you’re not studying or working on projects, where can we find you on campus?  You’ll probably find me having long and medium length conversations, with at least some depth in their nature, with most anyone who is willing to dialogue with me.

What makes Wheaton unique? Besides the dating climate, the beautifully gifted students, it’s odd blend of Christian community and liberal arts excellence, and its great food, not a whole lot!

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