Student Government


Moriah Nacionales-Tafoya

Graduation year: 2017

Hometown: Covina, California

Major: International Relations

Why SG? I chose to join SG because I am passionate about our freshman class and want to unite us all in a community where we are able to learn and grow together in Christ.

Why you chose Wheaton? I chose Wheaton because when I came and visited the campus I immediately knew this was the place for me. I was blessed enough where God was able to show me and put me exactly where I needed to be.

What would you like to achieve by being a part of Student Government this year? I would like to create a lot of fun events for the freshman class and make Wheaton feel like home to everyone. I want to kick off our Wheaton career in the best way possible and that starts by building community.

When you’re not studying or working on projects, where can we find you on campus? Smith 3 South or Fischer 3 South. The 3 Souths are where it's at!

Describe Wheaton in three words: extraordinary, challenging, and unique

Favorite Wheatonism: "Look guys, it's my CFA"

Most memorable experience at Wheaton: My most memorable experience so far was the freshman class worship night during orientation week because I felt so close to the rest of my class and right away I knew that the next four years were going to be incredible.

What makes Wheaton unique? All of the faculty and students here at Wheaton are just so genuine and they truly care for one another. This sense of community and fostering relationships is what makes Wheaton unique in my eyes.

How has the Wheaton Community impacted you? The Wheaton Community has really challenged me to be the best that I can be but at the same time it has showed me that not everybody is perfect and that it's okay to mess up.


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