Applying to SMP



If you are interested in applying for a SMP program this summer, you can apply at Wheaton's goglobal site >>. Please follow the site's instructions for online submission. When you apply, please select TBD as your location. Also, do not choose dates at the time of application. We will update this information on your behalf post selection. Applications will only be available online. If you have any questions or need assistance please feel free to email Kimberly Black, Assistant Director. All applications are due October 31, 2014. (We will be accepting applications past this date IF interview spaces are available. Spaces are filled on a first come first served basis)

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Applications are due October 31, 2014
  • We will be conducting interviews November 3 - November 25, 2014
  • Decision Letters will be mailed out through CPO December 8, 2014
  • Our first orientation meeting will be December 11, 2014
  • Kick-Off Workshop will be January 16 - January 18, 2015

Possible Programs for the Summer of 2015:

Below is a listing of some of the possible sites and partners we will be sending students with this coming summer. This is not an exhaustive list. If you are interested in a specific kind of ministry or in a certain country or people group, please specify on your application and we will do our best to place you accordingly. Some of the programs listed below are also major specific. We have teaching ministries for Christian Education or Education students, medical ministries for Pre-Med, Biology, Psyc, and Applied Health Science Students, as well as a Business as mission opportunity in Indonesia. Please stop by the Office of Christian Outreach for more information and be looking for a mailer in CPO with more detailed descriptions in the coming weeks.

Chochabamba, Bolivia

Hospitals of Hope >>

Work with Hospitals of Hope (HOH) where their motto is “Showing Christ's love by healing bodies and souls. HOH accomplishes this goal by using medicine as the medium to first heal the physical body and then using the Gospel of Jesus Christ to cure the soul. HOH use(s) volunteers from every level of the medical profession along with non-medical professionals to accomplish (their) mission. Students desiring international medical mission experience are also welcome to serve at the HOH clinic in Cochabamba, Bolivia in South America.” (Quote taken from Hospitals of Hope Website). 

Ndola, Zambia

Jubilee Centre >>

Work with the Jubilee Centre, a Zambian Christian NGO, “working to empower churches, communities and their leaders to grow spiritually, flourish physically and have a voice in the world.” In Zambia, you will be working with the Centre on community development projects, leading HIV/AIDS education seminars for local church youth leaders, speaking at local churches and schools, and facilitating youth programs and clubs.

Huanuco, Peru

Paz Y Esperanza >> 

Partner with Paz y Esperanza (Peace and Hope) "a Christian human rights organization dedicated to defending and promoting justice on behalf of persons and communities living in poverty or affected by different forms of injustice. We are an organization whose values and foundation are based in Christian principles. We work with and alongside people of different races, religions, gender, age, etc. We collaborate with grassroots organizations, local, regional and national authorities, and a variety of civil society groups. Our actions are rooted in the belief that each human person is endowed with dignity because s/he is created in the image and likeness of God." Next summer, you can partner with this organization by living in a home/facility built by Paz for abused women and children. Share the love of Christ with them in practical ways while justice is pursued on their behalf by Paz Y Esperanza. You will learn about women's rights issues, justice issues, and the holistic help each person needs and receives as part of this ministry.


Little Lambs Ministry >> 

Work with Little Lambs Ministry, who is "committed to providing the opportunity for orphans and abandoned children in Eurasia and China to accept Christ, to grow in their faith, and become self-sufficient, contributing members of society." They are "committed to assist Christian organizations and churches in Eurasia and China in their orphan ministries and evangelistic and church growth programs.” Students are primarily involved with teaching Bible lessons in the orphanages, and organizing and staffing Christian camps for orphans in the summer.

Dominican Republic

Kids Alive >> 

Work with Kids Alive, which “is a faith-based organization seeking to follow the example of Jesus Christ by responding with sacrificial love to the world's suffering children, as we also work to build more just societies. We care for the whole child by providing for the full range of spiritual, educational, social, physical, and emotional needs, believing children should have the opportunity to grow and develop to their full potential. Because we believe in the nurturing power of the family, Kids Alive strengthens existing families and places unprotected children in safe, family-style homes, preparing them to lead healthy families of their own in the future. Kids Alive is committed to partnering with local churches around the world, both because it enables us to rescue more needy children, and because it helps cultivate local leadership and develop culturally-relevant, caring communities for children. It is our strong desire that Kids Alive be known for the integrity of our relationships, the clarity of our communication, our determined pursuit of quality, and our accountability with resources entrusted to us.” (Taken from Kids Alive's Website). While in the Dominican Republic, you will work with teachers to develop curriculum and teach the children in the care of Kids Alive.  Greece Pioneers >>



Pioneers >> 

If you are interested in using your skills and passions to do mission work among unreached peoples, serving alongside long-term missionaries, and learning what it takes to live overseas, come on an Edge trip! The Edge, a ministry of Pioneers, sends teams of college students to join a Pioneers church-planting teams for 6-10 weeks in the summer. We invite you to serve one of our 250 church-planting teams, experience God’s heart for the nations first-hand, and catch a vision for your role in God’s global purpose. Learn more at



Guatemala & Senegal

Rainbows of Hope>> 


Guatemala Rainbows of Hope >> Work with Rainbows of Hope, who is passionate about the “millions of children in crisis (who) are suffering pain and trauma as a result of events beyond their control: war, abusive home situations, poverty, abandonment, HIV/AIDS, sexual exploitation, being forced to live on danger-filled city streets, working long, hard days in sweatshops or simply being a girl-child. It is not God's desire that children should be so victimized. Rather, God intended the gift of childhood to be a special time for children: a brief period in their lives when they could be free of adult-sized responsibilities and problems. With this freedom, childhood could be focused on nurturing the children's God-given gifts and abilities. Children in crisis, however, are robbed of this special time. Instead of enjoying experiences that help develop their God-given gifts and abilities, their childhood centers around experiences that result in tremendous loss, including the loss.” (Taken from Rainbows of Hope's Website). In Senegal, you will work at an all-boys orphanage and in Guatemala you will work with boys and girls of all ages. Ministry includes teaching, sports, crafts, one-on-one times, outings, and more. Quito, Ecuador Summit Adventure: Changing minds and hearts through service and adventure>> Work with Summit Adventure in Ecuador where you will engage your mind, heart and body in the country of Ecuador. You will be exposed to two Christ-centered ministries that are making an incredible impact at the ground level.  In between periods of service, you will have opportunities to explore the rich ecological diversity that surround the urban environments. Part of this time will be spent at higher elevations trekking and mountaineering with Summit’s experienced staff. All experiences are optional and no prior experience is required. Remanso De Amor (Haven of Love) is a locally-operated ministry with its hands in many different areas of holistic community development. It operates daily as a school for students in pre-K through 10th grade.  As of 2011 the fourth and final floor of the school is being completed to house high school Science labs and more resources which will allow students to graduate with high school diplomas from Remanso. La Fundacion Davis (known by Americans as the Happiness Foundation) is an orphanage home to over 180 Ecuadorian children.  Most of the children have been cast away with no one to care for them or have no immediate living family. Home stays will take place with local families who help with meal preparation, playing with and tutoring the children.              

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