Multicultural Events Calendar

We encourage you to take advantage of the many multicultural events happening at Wheaton.


2014 – 2015 Program Schedule


11-16 HoneyRock - Student Leadership Retreat
19-20 *OMD Student Leadership Meeting

SEPTEMBER (Latino Heritage Month - Starts Sept. 15)

01 OMD BBQ Blast 
17 OMD Ignite (Student Leadership Training)
18  Summit Reception (Encouraging Scholars)
21-27 Freshmen-Transfer Welcome Week (continued in Oct.)
23 Excelling @ Wheaton Academic Workshop
25  Multicultural Development Reception
25 Native Celebration Concert
26  First Nations Ministry Panel Discussion 
26 Latino Heritage Month Expo

OCTOBER (Latino Heritage Month - Concludes Oct. 15)

06-10 Wheaton Wellness Week
09 OMD Summit (Encouraging Scholars)
09 Shalom Community Multicultural Social
19-21  Koinonia Retreat 
20 Latino Heritage Month Display Showcase
24 OMD Student Leaders Hayride Bonfire
28 Cross Cultural Engagement Panel Discussion

NOVEMBER (Native American Heritage Month)

01 Diversity Leadership Conference-North Park University
07 Native American Heritage Month Expo
12 OMD Ignite (Student Leadership Training)
17 Native American Heritage Display Showcase
20 OMD Summit (Encouraging Scholars)
20-21 OMD Gives Thanks Care Days
22 Gospel Choir Fall Concert


01 Christmas Around the World Showcase
04  Exam Strategies Workshop 
07  Student Christmas Dinner
11-12 OMD Christmas Care Days
15  OMD R.E.S.T. (Reading Day)


16 Shalom Community Dedication
16-19  William Osborne Society Retreat
23-25 1-2-1 Student Leaders Winter Retreat
28  OMD Ignite (Student Leadership Training)

FEBRUARY (African American Heritage Month)

04-08 Freshman-Transfer Focus Week
06 African American Heritage Month Expo
09  African American Heritage Month Display Showcase
11-17 OMD Ladies Tea Times
13 Rhythm and Praise Chapel - William Osborne Society
13 OMD Multicultural Extravaganza
19  OMD Summit (Encouraging Scholars) 
20 OMD Ignite Off Campus Activity
25 African American Church Lecture Series Chapel and evening Lecture

MARCH (Observance of Asian Pacfic Islander Heritage Month)

25 OMD Ignite (Student Leadership Training)
27 Pan Asian Heritage Month Expo
30 Pan Asian Month Display Showcase


16 OMD Summit (Encouraging Scholars)
17 OMD Student Spring Banquet
21 1-2-1 New Student Leaders’ Training 
25 Gospel Choir Spring Concert
28  OMD Tropical Hour 
30 New/Current Student Leaders Reception

MAY (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)

 *OMD - Office of Multicultural Development

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