In response to Christ's love, Wheaton Koinonia exists to glorify God through the unique cultures of Asian community.



Empowered by the Gospel, Wheaton Koinonia seeks to live as a Christ-centered community in which primarily Asian and Asian-American students can explore their racial, ethnic and cultural identities in worship, fellowship, and discipleship, while encouraging them to engage with the campus and broader community.


Koinonia, which means 'fellowship' in Greek, strives to help foster a relationship with Christ. Wheaton Koinonia has decided to emphasize three objectives for the year. First, Koinonia dedicates itself to celebrate Asian identity in Christ; secondly, the group will aspire to deepen interpersonal relationships for God; and lastly, it is our tertiary goal to improve structure and transparency within Koinonia. For more information on Koinonia please contact any of the cabinet members.


 Sooho Lee                           President


 Jennifer Fu  Vice President


 Ryan Suh  Business Manager


 Jona Park  Senior Family Group Leader


 Willie Kye      Special Events Coordinator


 In Ae Jang  Large Group Coordinator    


 Yoully Kang  Publicity Coordinator



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