Mu Kappa



Mu Kappa exists to help third culture kids (TCKs) know and accept their identity in God's love, as multicultural students, by creating a sense of home and belonging that enables them to thrive at Wheaton College.


Our vision is to provide fun fellowship, mature mentorship, and opportunities for personal, spiritual, and cultural learning for TCKs and for the Wheaton College community.

What is a TCK?

TCKs are third culture kids, people who have spent a significant number of their growing up years in a culture different from that of their parent's culture. For example, if my parents are North American but I grew up in Bolivia, then my culture is neither American or Bolivian; I belong to a "third culture." Missionary kids (MKs), military kids and children of diplomats or international business executives are often TCKs. 


Dane Stevenson     President

Elizabeth Loewer Vice President

Joseph Quiggle Business Manager

Cyanea Poon Secretary

Jeremiah Phiri Publicity Manager

Peter Pfantz Publicity Manager

Kailyn Love Events Coordinator

Stephanie Ribeiro Ladder Coordinator

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