Campus Apartments

Four furnished campus apartment complexes are available for junior and senior undergraduate students (by years attended school, not by credit hours) as well as graduate students.


Terrace Apartments

Terrace ApartmentsLocated on College Ave three blocks from campus, Terrace Apartments house 236 students in four-person units. More>

College Ave Apartments

College Ave ApartmentsLocated on College Ave by the football and soccer fields, five apartment buildings offer two-person, four-person, and five-person apartments. More>

Michigan-Crescent Apartments

Michigan-Crescent ApartmentsLocated just south of campus, Michigan-Crescent Apartments contain 31 four-person units. More>

Saint and Elliot Apartments

Saint-Elliot ApartmentsThree buildings on the corner of President and University Streets contain 23 four-person units for undergraduate students and 8 two-person units for graduate students. More>

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