College Court Apartments

College Court Apartments


Each apartment is equipped with:

  • one sofa
  • one lounge chair
  • one lamp
  • kitchen table & chairs
  • one living room bookcase
  • stove, oven, microwave and refrigerator
  • one internet port per student (IT Services website) and wireless internet
  • an RT London modular furniture system (mfs) that offers different lofting configurations with the dressers and desks (more info >>)
  • electric heat
  • an air conditioning unit
  • one bed per student
  • one dresser with shelf unit and closet per student
  • one desk with shelf unit and desk chair per student
  • one telephone
  • miniblinds
  • carpet

General information:

  • Number of students per apartment: 2
  • Laundry facilities are located in the basement.
  • Limited summer storage is available for students who will continue their enrollment in the fall.
  • Outdoor bike racks are available during the academic year.
  • Students must supply their own minor appliances, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner and toilet paper.
  • These apartments were renovated Summer 2008

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