Residence Halls

Wheaton has four campus residence halls available for undergraduate students. Freshman and Sophomore students are required to live in residence halls.


Fischer Hall

Fischer HallFischer Hall houses 593 freshman and sophomore students. Most rooms are configured as suites, with two double-occupancy rooms adjoined by a common bathroom.
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Smith-Traber Hall

Smith-Traber HallSmith-Traber Hall houses 408 freshman and sophomore students. Floors are situated around a floor lounge and a central bathroom.
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Williston Hall

Williston HallWilliston Hall is Wheaton's oldest residence hall, housing 61 sophomore students.
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McManis-Evans Hall

McManis-Evans HallThe centrally located McManis-Evans Hall houses 288 sophomore, junior, and senior students in single, double, triple, and quad rooms.
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