Undergraduate Off-Campus Housing

A limited number of off-campus spots are available to students in their third and fourth years in school. Students can apply to live off-campus through the spring housing selection process. As the transition to off-campus living brings additional responsibilities, the publication to the right provides helpful information for students applying for this housing.


Expectations for Off-Campus Living

  • Commit to living out the Community Covenant in their homes and neighborhoods while enrolled at Wheaton College.
  • Live in apartments, town houses and houses with no more than four individuals (total students and non-students) for the academic year. This is a Wheaton College residence life policy. Off-Campus living units with four or less individuals aid in maintaining safe and quality living environments, preventing parking shortages, and establishing good relationships with neighbors and the community.
  • Representing Wheaton College well in how they care for the home and property.
  • Provide their own overnight parking off-campus (the College does not provide off-campus students with overnight parking on campus).
  • Take care of their own garbage (do not dispose of your garbage in on-campus receptacles).
  • Attend required off-campus housing meetings.
  • Provide the Residence Life Office with their local address and phone number by the end of the first week of classes.

Off-Campus Housing Listings

As a resource for students who have been granted off campus permission,  Wheaton College has compiled some helpful listings as an exclusive service to assist Wheaton College students in their search for housing in the Wheaton area.  (Any other use is strictly prohibited.)


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