Graduate Resident Advisers (Residence Halls)


Hannah Cosper

Fischer Hall

Hannah CosperHannah is a Graduate Resident Advisor in Fischer Hall, and is working toward a Master's Degree in Christian Formation and Ministry. She comes from Seattle, Washington, and loves being outdoors, reading and discussing theology with friends and rooting for the Seahawks! Hannah attended Moody Bible Institute and worked in college ministry in the San Diego area. She enjoys spending time with the students of Fischer Hall.



Kel Cometa

Fischer Hall

Kel CometaKel is the new GRA in Fischer Hall, and he is working toward a master's degree in Christian Formation and Ministry. As a military kid and a citizen of the world, he has lived in California, Virginia, Hawaii and Japan. He received a degree in sociology ad Azusa Pacific University. Kel spent this last year working with at-risk youth in the beautiful city of San Luis Obispo, CA. He loves college students, surfing, reading, outdoor adventure, eating and his future wife, Loren.



Christy Spader

Smith-Traber Hall

Christy SpaderChristy will serve her second year as the GRA in Smith-Traber, while working toward her MA in Christian Formation and Ministry. She received a degree in Women's Ministry from Moody Bible Institute and has spent the last few years as a intern with Cru, at Ohio University. Christy has a soft-spot for all forms of adventure and having lived in the Chicago burbs, she is looking forward to once again enjoying the bike paths, metra trains and farmers markets.



Julian Erb

Smith-Traber Hall

Julian ErbJulian will be the new GRA in Smith-Traber. He received a bachelor's degree in Bible from Moody Bible Institute and is pursuing a master's in Christian Formation and Ministry, concentrating in Biblical and Theological Studies. He was born and raised in a small town called Seven Persons in Alberta, Canada. He is the son of legendary sausage maker. Some of his hobbies include hiking a quality mountain, drinking chocolate milk, traveling and reading books which cause him to go "hmmm". Julian's desire is to know Christ and to make him known.

Luke Suciu

McManis-Evans Hall

Luke SuciuLuke returns as the GRA in Mac-Evans and is pursuing his MA in Theology. He graduated from Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Historical Theology and served as the youth pastor at Antioch Church in Bend, Oregon. Luke is passionately interested in skee ball, sporks, satire and writing bio's in the third person.




Sarah Roop

Williston Hall

Sarah and Jake RoopSarah is the new GRA in Upper Class Halls, living in Williston. She received her bachelor's degree from Wheaton College and enjoyed her undergrad experience so much that she is moving away from Cincinnati and is returning to pursue a master's in Christian Formation and Ministry. She is wife to fellow Wheatie, Jake. If she is not reading in her hammock, she can be found running on the prairie path, tossing a football in the quad or having long conversations over lunch. She enjoys nature, laughing so hard she cries and experiencing new adventures.












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