Multicultural Events Calendar

We encourage you to take advantage of the many multicultural events happening at Wheaton.


2016 – 2017 Program Schedule


07  OMD Student Leaders Dinner 
08-13 HoneyRock - Student Leadership Retreat
16-20 OMD Student Leadership Workshop and Orientation Events
22-23 Student Leadership Strength Finders Sessions
25  OMD Welcome -Open House

SEPTEMBER (Latino Heritage Month - Starts Sept. 15)

05 OMD BBQ Blast 
12-18 OMD New Student Affirmation Week 
13 Excelling at Wheaton Workshop (Time Management)
14  OMD Ignite (Student Leadership Training)
14-15  Freshmen-Transfer Care Packs and Dorm Deliveries 
16 OMD Student Care Day 
18 New Student Sunday Dinner

OCTOBER (Latino Heritage Month - Concludes Oct. 15)

04 Latino Heritage Celebration EXPO
07 OMD Homecoming - Open House
10-16  Latino Heritage Display Showcase 
21  OMD Ignite Outing 
TBA Koinonia Retreat

NOVEMBER (Native American Heritage Month)

01 Cross Cultural Panel Discussion
11 OMD Gives Thanks Care Day
14-20  Native American Heritage Display Showcase
16 OMD Ignite 
19 Gospel Choir Fall Concert


01 Christmas Around the World Open House 
04  OMD Christmas Banquet 


16-22 MLK Jr. Display Showcase
20-22 1-2-1 Student Leaders Retreat
25 OMD Ignite 
29  OMD New Student Sunday Dinner
29-31  1-2-1 Freshmen-Transfer Focus Week (Concludes Feb. 03)

FEBRUARY (African American Heritage Month)

01-03 1-2-1 Freshman-Transfer Focus Week (Continued)
03 OMD Care Day
17  OMD Ignite Outing
21 Black Heritage Celebration Expo
27-28 Black Heritage Display Showcase (Concludes March 5)

MARCH (Observance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)

01-05  Black Heritage Display Showcase (Continued) 
17  OMD Care Day
20-26  Pan-Asian Heritage Display Showcase 
28 Pan-Asian Celebration Expo
25  Gospel Choir Spring Concert 
29  OMD Ignite 
30 OMD Student Organizations Collaboration Event 


18  1-2-1 New Student Leaders Training
21 OMD Spring Banquet
27 OMD Ignite Reception (Harbor House)
TBA Multicultural Extravaganza 

MAY (Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)

01 OMD R.E.S.T. Day

 *OMD - Office of Multicultural Development

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