1-2-1 Program at Wheaton College

1-2-1 Program

As many new students discover, the transition from high school to college is an exciting time filled with new ideas, opportunities and responsibilities.


Our Mission

The 1-2-1 Program serves to guide incoming multicultural students as they transition into the Wheaton College community, while also supporting these students in their walk with Christ. 

What We Do

The Wheaton experience is an opportunity to explore these new directions within the context of searching for the Lord's direction in one's life. Making the best of this transition is a key to success at the College. The 1-2-1 program provides upperclassmen that serve as mentors, encouragers, guides, and friends to first-year students. They offer individual attention, academic support, prayer support, and their presence as guides to other campus resources. The 1-2-1 students are selected through an intensive application process and reflect upon the Lord's direction in their lives producing their own Wheaton success.

While sharing similarities, students of color at Wheaton are distinct individuals. Each represents diverse attitudes and perspectives shaped by differing backgrounds and experiences. While Wheaton strives to be inclusive, ignorance of cultural and ethnic differences within the campus, at times, hinders positive experiences for students. 1-2-1 students provide insight and perspective addressing the unique gifts of each individual and encouraging positive responses even to those statements that grow out of ignorance.

A Student's Insight

1-2-1 Program at Wheaton CollegeBornell Nicholson '15

My 1-2-1 experience has been filled with great people, great leadership, great food, and great learning about service. It is powerful and encouraging to simply show up for my freshmen at their athletic events, to grab meals with them, and to occasionally go out at 1am to be there for whatever they need. I strive to be a student of everyone, which means I am constantly learning from my co-leaders how to better love and serve. The highlight of my year with 1-2-1 was definitely our retreat in January because we had a great time of resting, relaxing, and getting away from the stresses of Wheaton, all while growing closer with each other as a team. 


Eli Yi - Senior 1-2-1 

Jazmine Valdez - Senior 1-2-1

Alex Koh             


Kara Shim           

Stephen Watts

Joshua Rhee      

Noel Jeong         

Diane Hernandez


Micah Bolden   

David Liu             


Lydia Kwarteng

Breanne Peacock


Alandra Alonso



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