March 2014

Lights, Camera, Action: My Experience as a FOX News Chicago Intern

Posted March 19, 2014 by Alyssa Paulsen '14

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AlyssaWhen I enrolled in Wheaton for my freshman year, I did not imagine I would be on the FOX 32 Chicago News set my senior year. I chose to pursue an Applied Health Science major because of my passion for health and science, and because of a mission trip I took to Haiti during my sophomore year that helped me better understand the global health crisis. I decided to take Wheaton’s intro to journalism class during my senior year to help me develop a platform to raise awareness for health issues around the world, and my professors encouraged me to apply for internships at broadcast news stations around Chicago. This semester I was given the opportunity to join FOX 32 Chicago News.

Initially I thought it would be difficult to arrive at work at the crack of dawn, but the energy at FOX during Good Morning Chicago makes it impossible to be tired. Reporters and anchors hustle and bustle about the station with their scripts in one hand and coffee cup in another, while editors and producers crank out final details of their work. On busy mornings, especially those during which controversial topics are aired, the phone rings off the hook while viewers call to voice their feedback. Every time I’ve been in the station, I feel like a sponge absorbing information. It’s all new and exciting! I’ve been immersed into a new culture and have been given the opportunity to learn a whole new language…because let me tell you, the TV industry speaks a language all their own!

My biggest challenge as an intern is deciding which opportunities to seize. Many times my supervisor assigns me a task, whether it’s helping the investigative producer find guests for the morning show, observing an editorial meeting, or going on assignment with a reporter and camera crew. Other days, it’s up to me to decide! I have spent a couple hours watching the editors work, learning to master the language of the run-downs for the morning show, and digging up old scripts from news anchors to rehearse on my own. I’ve made an effort to seek out individuals from each and every position at the station, from a cameraman to an anchor, and pick their minds about everything they do!

Learning is not limited to the nuts and bolts of the news industry—I’m thankful for the way Wheaton’s liberal arts curriculum has prepared me for a variety of assignments on the job. My internship also forces me to be up to date on current events, and I’m also given opportunities to be a part of the news. My faith has given me courage to pursue the adventure God has laid out for me in downtown Chicago, and while my dream is to become a health and science broadcast reporter, I’m open and beyond excited to whatever God has in store for me in the weeks leading up to graduation!

This is Alyssa Paulsen, your local news intern with FOX 32 Chicago.

Alyssa Paulsen '14 is pursuing an Applied Health Science major with involvement in Wheaton’s journalism certificate program. She plans to pursue a career in broadcast journalism focusing on health and science.

From Wheaton Football to Nashville, Tennessee

Posted March 4, 2014 by Guest Author

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One of the main reasons I chose to attend Wheaton College was the school’s excellent athletic program. I had the incredible opportunity to be part of both the football and swim teams, both of which won Conference titles during my collegiate career. My time with both teams was a challenging yet wonderful experience, but I realized that neither of these sports were truly my passion. During my junior year I took some time to do some soul searching, and before I knew it, God opened my eyes to the answer that was always right in front of me: music.

Music had always been a passion of mine. During the off-season, I took part in open mics at the Stupe (our campus café), helped with on-campus concerts at the Conservatory of Music and at Edman Chapel, and wrote music reviews for the Wheaton College newspaper, The Record.  After discovering an area of my life with endless possibilities, I wondered what my next step would be.Lyons

By chance, at a concert in downtown Chicago, I ran into a Wheaton grad who told me about her experience at the Contemporary Music Center, a semester-long study abroad experience sponsored by CCCU BestSemester in Nashville, Tennessee (BestSemester hosts programs for Christian college students all around the world). She explained how the CMC offers Christian college students from across the country an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of music industry, while putting to practice their faith in the world of music. I jumped at the chance to learn more about the music industry, and was accepted into the program for fall semester 2013.

The CMC is a program unlike any other in the country. I was accepted into the Business track (there are artist and technical tracks, too), and attended classes concentrating on booking shows, promoting, and touring. I also managed two up-and-coming artists in the program. I scheduled rehearsal times for each artist’s band, created online websites and social media presences for them, and catered to any other desires they had, such as photo shoots and music video opportunities. The icing on the cake of the semester arrived when I had the honor of being selected as tour manager: I had the responsibility of booking shows, hotels, bus rental, and equipment trucks for our 10-day live tour through Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida.  In the midst of all of this, I was able to find time to continue to create music and perform with aspiring artists from all across the country.

I fell in love with Nashville, and this wasn’t only because of the music, creativity, and wonderful people I met, but the fact that I was experiencing “the real world.” It was a time of growth for me—not only in the field of music, but for my love and pursuit of Christ.  I am so thankful for my preparation at Wheaton and the BestSemester study abroad program for the opportunity. I challenge all students to take a semester to explore, learn, and grow in a field of interest, and more importantly, in their pursuit of Jesus Christ.

Tim Lyons will graduate from Wheaton in May 2014 with a degree in Communication (Media Studies).

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