October 2013

About My Wheaton

Posted October 22, 2013 by Alex Soholt '16


Welcome to the new blog, #MyWheaton. I’m just the first voice on this blog, but I’m excited to share lots of stories of Wheaton students, both current and alumni, through it.

mywheatonWhy the name? Because it’s also a way to share your Wheaton story. By using #mywheaton we can give people an inside look at experiences throughout the Wheaton community worldwide. And this blog is a great place to feature those stories.

Tweeting about your campus tour as a prospective student? Share your experience with us simply by using #mywheaton. Maybe you are creating your next Instagram masterpiece of the Wheaton campus, dorm life, or Thunder sporting event. All it takes is one hashtag to share your picture with the rest of the Wheaton community. For alumni working throughout the world, we would love to hear about your new endeavors, research projects, and mission work.  It’s as simple as writing #mywheaton at the end of your post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media.

With this one hashtag we have the opportunity to bring all the experiences of Wheaton worldwide to one place, allowing everyone to experience your ventures with you. So start using #mywheaton. And check the #MyWheaton blog often for all the highlights.

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World Christian Fellowship

Posted October 15, 2013 by Alex Soholt '16

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As I looked at blogs of Wheaton students, I found a post about the campus organization called World Christian Fellowship sponsored by the Office of Christian Outreach. The OCO is responsible for many on campus and off campus ministry oppotunities throughout the year, including spring break and summer missions trips. The following post was written by Forrest, a Wheaton senior, and he defines the idea of a World Christian.

So, what is a “World Christian”?

It’s my understanding that at the core of being a World Christian is a heart that loves the diversity of the global church and has a passion for the mission of God to all nations. The manner in which a World Christian expresses this particular love and passion varies dramatically. College students (with little money) who recognize the importance of missions, yet are not called to front lines work, can still participate in the mission of God. They can be a World Christian who responds by praying. Prayer really does change things! God has ordained in his wisdom that prayer be the means by which things move forward in this world. Prayer causes good to grow and evil to cease. If we really understand this, how could we not join God in his mission to spread the fragrance of Christ to all nations, by praying towards that end!

The in-gathering of the Gentiles (of every language) into the people of God through Jesus Christ is such a beautiful vision to have one’s life shaped by. Thus, WCF at Wheaton College hopes to encourage students to participate in God’s global mission, mainly through intercession but not limited to it.

Oh that the Lord world raise up prayer warriors for the mission of GOD! And may the entire Wheaton community benefit because of it!! Amen.

6 Benefits of Liberal Arts Education

Posted October 10, 2013 by Alex Soholt '16

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 In my search for other students blogging about their experiences at Wheaton, I came across the personal blog of  Bond '14. In this post, Bond writes about the benefits he sees in receiving a liberal arts education.

liberal arts

As you new Wheaton students are settling into new schedules and routines, I’m sure your asking yourselves and others, “I’m a Business major so why am I in Art Survey? I’m a Philosophy major so why am I in Physics? I’m a Spanish major so why am I in Anthropology?” I know this because my friends and I asked the same questions, and we spent three years trying to figure it out. I do not wish the same on you. I want you to know the meaning and significance of a liberal education as you begin your time at Wheaton, so you can take full advantage of your opportunity. Liberal education presents students with at least 6 major benefits, according to Robert Harris from the book On the Purpose of a Liberal Education

1. Liberal education teaches students how to think
Think of it this way: your brain is a muscle. A strong muscle needs to be worked out correctly. Its exercises cannot be repetitive for then the muscle will adapt and cease its development. Therefore, the brain needs to be drilled in different techniques for the variety makes the brain into a more useful tool for critical thinking and analysis. In return, these workouts aid you, the learner, to think for yourself by connecting dots throughout concepts and principles in various frameworks.

2. Liberal education teaches students how to learn
It allows students to develop the required skills to become lifelong learners, which will come in handy when absorbing new information and strategies needed to perform in your careers with excellence.

3. Liberal education allows students to see things whole
The opportunity to study outside of a specific major or path will advance your developing worldview. This concept is crucial to liberal education’s structure and purpose for the world’s majors and industries are not divided; all aspects in life affect how the world goes round. A broader view will allow you to live a systematic life with a wide range of understanding of different contexts.

4. Liberal education enhances students’ wisdom and faith
This is one of the most important aspects of a liberal education, for gaining wisdom is one of the highest callings from God. Throughout the educational journey you will learn to see who you are and what you need to modify to become a better human being.

5. Liberal education makes students better teachers
You may not be going into a teaching profession, but we are all teachers at some point. We inform daily by sharing our understanding and knowledge about life. Every time we communicate there is an exchange of teaching and learning.

6. Liberal education contributes to students’ happiness
Knowing more about life increases pleasure. As stated by Harris, “a cultivated mind enjoys itself and life,” and, “knowledge makes you smarter and smarter makes you happier.” It’s been proven that people who are highly educated have higher satisfaction in life.

At the end of the day, we should all know what we are doing here at Wheaton, which one of those reasons is to study liberally. We are all truly blessed to have the opportunity to be liberally educated, and I hope you take full advantage of its benefits as you learn, grow and develop.

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First Month at Wheaton

Posted October 9, 2013

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first month

Being a freshman at any college is an exciting step in your life, but there are also many questions to be answered. Am I going to like my roommate? Are the other students going to be nice? Will I like my classes? For the freshman arriving on campus, these questions are likely the same. However, only a month into the first semester and the feel has completely changed.

For Hannah Hacker `17, when thinking of her first month at Wheaton the words,  “Supportive, alive, and challenging” came to mind. As one freshman student said, “the campus atmosphere is friendly, tight-knit, and faith-based.” It doesn’t get much better than that! Wheaton is unlike any other school when it comes to welcoming in the new class of students.

My first week at Wheaton was a roller coaster ride for me. I was both unsure about being in a new place, but also excited to meet new people and find out what it’s like to be a part of the Wheaton community. The stereotypical idea of freshmen in our culture is that they are the young, naïve students, looked down upon in high schools and colleges. It was not until I had arrived at Wheaton that I would have ever imagined hearing the chant, “We love freshman!” as I walked through campus. The moment I heard all the upper class students yelling it repeatedly was the instant I knew that Wheaton was different from all other schools. These students were not only welcoming the new class, they were excited to have this new group of students on campus. Now as a sophomore, I have the opportunity to be a part of this welcoming cheer echoing throughout the first all-school communion. 

Besides getting into the groove of classes the freshman have been jumping right into numerous activities that include, eating in downtown Wheaton, going to Chicago, studying with friends at the Stupe, our campus grill, as well as Bro-Sis activities with their dorm floors. In past years Wheaton has created an exceptional orientation week that has become popular among the incoming students. Multiple freshman students noted that they loved the freshman night of worship during this welcome week. It is such an indescribable feeling having the opportunity to worship for the first time with other students. Knowing that the people in your class share the same faith as you is a reassuring feeling, especially in a new life setting. The best part is that this feeling continues throughout your time at Wheaton. During all school chapel, all school communion, and class worship nights you have the chance to worship side by side with your peers. I know that I will be thankful for this opportunity for the rest of my life.

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