Chapel Schedule

Schedule for January - May 2015



January 12
Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
January 14
Dr. Dave McDowell
Interim Chaplain's Session
January 16 Dr. Gregory Lee
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Remembered
Spring Special Services

Serving God's Purpose in Our Generation
January 20 (Tuesday)

Dr. Os Guinness
Author & Social Critic

January 21 (Wednesday)
Dr. Os Guinness
January 22 (Thursday)
Dr. Os Guinness
January 26

Greg Fuchs
Mile High Ministries, Denver, CO

January 28
Dr. Noah Toly
Urban Studies & Christian Calling
January 30
Ben Lowe '07
Young Evangelicals for Climate Action


Healing Series

February 2
Clayton Keenon
February 4 Dr. David Setran
Spiritual Dryness
February 6
Dr. Elisha Eveleigh
Urban Missions in Focus

February 9
Coach Wayne Gordon '75
Founding Pastor
Lawndale Community Church

Monday Evening Service (Coray)

February 10

Coach Wayne Gordon

February 11
Coach Wayne Gordon
February 13
Rhythm & Praise
February 18
Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
February 20
Dr. Stan Jones
Navigating Sexual Identity
February 23
Dr. Philip Ryken
Town Hall
February 25
Rev. Dr. Harold Dean Trulear
African American Church Series
February 27

HNGR Interns


Faculty Series

A Light for the Path
March 2
Dr. Emily Langan

March 4

Dr. Grant Henley
Foreign Language

March 6
Dr. Karen Jobes
Foreign Language &
Biblical & Theological Studies

March 16
Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
March 18
Dr. Dave McDowell
Interim Chaplain's Session
March 20
Praise & Worship
with the Chapel Band
March 23
Dr. John Trotter
& the Concert Choir
Integrating Music & Worship
March 25
Dr. Thomas VanDrunen
Science Symposium
March 27

Phil Keaggy

March 30
Professor David Hooker
Holy Week


April 1
Dr. Jeffrey Bingham
The Cross of Christ
Holy Week

April 6
Ken Medema
Easter Monday Worship
April 8 Class Chapels
April 10 Dr. Willie Jennings
The Image of God
Theology Conference
April 13
Honduras Project
April 15
Praise & Worship
April 17
Dr. Philip Ryken
President's Chapel
April 20
Zoe's Feet
April 22
Department Chapels
April 24
Dr. Dave McDowell
Interim Chaplain's Session
April 27
Student Chaplains
with the Chapel Band
April 29 Honors Convocation


May 1
Senior Worship


Chapel Broadcasts

10:35 AM and 6:00 PM
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Live Video:  Campus Cable, Channel 4
Radio: WETN 88.1 FM
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Grad School Chapel

Wednesdays at 10:30 AM
Chatlos TV Studio, BGC
Live Video:  Campus Cable, Channel 27
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All School Communion

8:00 PM, Edman Chapel
Sunday, January 11, 2015
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
Tuesday, March 24, 2015
Monday, May 4, 2015

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