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Academic and Disability Services


The Academic and Disability Services Office exists to address the individual academic needs of students and cultivate a community-wide attitude of welcome and inclusiveness for students with disabilities. It strives to develop the God-given strengths of each student, and provides services both for students needing academic enrichment or assistance and for those dealing with learning, physical or mental health challenges.

Information on accommodations can be accessed on this website or by contacting the Academic and Disability Services Office. 

Services Offered

Through one-on-one counseling and academic workshops, students are offered the opportunity to improve existing skills, to develop new strategies, and to maximize their learning experience.

A series of workshops are offered each year in the areas of time management, college reading and note-taking, college writing and research, exam preparation, procrastination and perfectionism.

Individual meetings are available by appointment to offer accountability, coaching and accommodation advocacy.

  • Academic counseling for all students
  • Accommodation approval and services for students with documented learning or physical challenges
  • Assessment screening for potential learning challenges
  • Learning style assessment
  • Academic coaching and accountability
  • Strategic learning improvement information

Additional Campus Support Services Available:

All of these services are available to students free of charge.

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