Modular/Intensive Program Students

For students taking modular or intensive courses


Fall 2014

Fall 2014

Dear Modular/Intensive Study Graduate Student,

In the past you may have been asked to provide a copy of your insurance card prior to each course.   This letter is to inform you of some current and upcoming changes to this process and requirements. 

Due to some recent and ongoing changes within the Graduate School, Student Health Services (SHS) will now be monitoring this requirement.  SHS does not have access to prior insurance card records.  I would request that you please send your insurance card or read the following email to see how you can get insurance. 

If you are domestic student with current insurance coverage, please send a copy of your health insurance card, back and front, to the  You may also fax it to 630-752-5575.  This should be completed by October 1, 2014.  

If you are a domestic student with no health insurance coverage, you will be required to purchase short term coverage during your time of study at Wheaton College.  You can sign up for short term coverage and send this to the Health Insurance office or  Wheaton College can sign you up for a short term plan.  

If you do not or cannot provide this proof of insurance by this deadline, Wheaton College will automatically enroll you into the short term health insurance program.  The cost is variable and is non-refundable post deadline and it will be billed to your student account.

Please note, you may receive this email at the beginning of each modular/intensive program session.  This announcement pertains to you.  Please provide insurance as requested for each time you study on campus.

If you should have further questions, please direct your questions to Again the deadline is October 1st, 2014.

If you have already sent us your insurance card, thank you.

Thank you for tending to this detail promptly. 

All communication from our office will be made to your my.wheaton email account only.  Please monitor this account often.


Contact information:

Phone: 630-752-5072
Fax: 630-752-5575


Please let our office know if you have further questions,

Britt Black
Director Student Health Services

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